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What kind of rip off is this

Yep. Greedy Ludia. 2 for 1 packs up but not the epic level those and only those get discointed 10%.

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I’m of the opinion that for Tommus, Epics may be more desirable in the longterm than Legendaries.

Generally speaking, Epics are easier to upgrade to max level. All gear progression requirements follow the same pattern: 2, 5, 10, 20, 30, 50 and 100 copies.

Remember that in terms of stats, a Legendary item is equivalent to an epic card of 4 levels higher. In other words, a level 3 legendary armor is identical to a level 7 epic armor. Legendary items max out at level 4 and Epics at level 8.

To get to max level legendary, you need 17 copies, a herculean task. To get to max level epic, you need 217 copies, merely a daunting task.

Epic cards are easier to acquire because the challenges awards Epics. After Harvestshield Mountain, a 20 roll awards at least 10 Epics.

So unless there are shenanigans, an epic card will almost always be leveled up to level 7 or 8 before a legendary reaches level 3 or 4 under regular play conditions.

I’ve been finding that Epics also are easier to level up than rare or common cards, mainly because there’s more different versions of them, they don’t occupy a 20 roll, and because they often take lower priority when selecting challenge prizing.

As such, the Epic armor is almost certainly superior to the Legendary armor for all characters.

Whether Tommus’ Legendary foot gear, headgear, item, weapon and wondrous items have superior abilities compared to the Epics is an exercise left to the reader. (My Tommus is currently equipped with mostly Epic items even though I possess most of his legendaries).

Under the same rationale, I question if these 2-for-1 epic card packs are worthwhile for mature accounts. They are great if you’re new and don’t have access to a lot of Epics and/or can’t efficiently grind HSM or later challenges. However, if your Epics are at level 5 or higher, the impact of a purchase will be minimal.

So I’ll be passing on the epic deal, but I think that if I were a newer player, I’d prefer the better discount to be on the epic packs rather than the legendary one if I only had to choose one.


Yeah, this is very strange, Lydia has targeted essentially the best thing in the game to spend diamonds on, and made it not worth it. All the other packs are 2 for 1, but the epic is a measly 10% off.

This is a huge screw you to players, just give us money. Unbelievable.

A yuuuuuuuuuuuuge one.

Even the notice splash page thinks Epics should be 2-for-1:

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My guess is that someone screwed up the coding for the 2-for-1 this time around. They won’t apologize for it. They won’t offer compensation to those foolish enough to purchase it. They probably won’t even acknowledge it. It’s just sad.

I am glad I don’t purchase Epic packs. If I did purchase I would have assumed the Tommus Epic was 2-for-1 (as it has always been) not a measly 10% discount. I assume most purchasers would also thought it was still 2-for-1. Ludia never fails to disappoint.

I was pretty excited, Im close to leveling up a few epics for tommus. I almost hit purchase and noticed at the last second that it was a rip-off, so glad I was paying attention. Feel bad for anyone that wasn’t looking and purchased it.

Agree with Rets was thinking I’ll spend the 2500 crystals I’ve saved up on 6 of the 2 fir 1 epic packs -way better value.

And thank god for the forum - was going to buy for dwarf thinking it was 10% off and 2 for 1

I’ve been wondering which legendary packs are worthwhile - Raika one seems pretty good as he has at least 2-3 useful legendaries. Whereas some other characters seem to have 1 at best. Thoughts on which characters other than Raika, that the legendary pack could be good for?

The wizard has pretty good ones, except the wondrous item. Warlock and tommus have good legendaries as well. Most of the other classes have good ones too, but not as many

Do you have to be a VIP member to buy a 2 for 1 legendary pack? When I click on it, it just takes me to subscribe screen

Correct. Legendary pack offers are currently VIP only.

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