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What kind of tournament do u prefer (poll)?

So in the current tournament, the dinos aren‘t set on equal lvls with no boosts. I‘m somewhere deep down between the „best“ 5.000 and lose against players with lvl 22 Proceratomimus and highly boosted epic and legendary creatures.

I use all my boosts and coins for my Uniques not for creatures I only use in tournaments. So I‘ve invested 100$ HC and will receive 5000 coins.

Feels like players with big pockets or lets say enough boosts and coins will of course lead the ranking.

I don‘t even want to complain, I just regret wasting 100$. But there were many players complaining that tournaments with same lvls and no boosts would be unfair. So now these playets should be happy.

I wonder, do u like this kind of tournament? Do u rather prefer the same-chances-for-all?

I don‘t like it. Regret wasting my cash cuz I won‘t stand a chance. Since I sure won‘t invest coins and boosts in creatures that I never use in battle arena.

Maybe u could answer this poll? I‘m really interested in ur opinions. :slight_smile:

So what kind of tournament do u prefer?

  • Equal levels (26), no boosts
  • Equal levels (26), boosts
  • Different levels, no boosts
  • Different levels, boosts

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Nothing new.
Also entered and wasted 100 HC

What system do u prefer? None? Or one of them?

For the first time I didn’t enter this one; not much free time and not many appropriate creatures. Depends on where you are with the game - as someone with mostly uniques I don’t have many high level or boosted creatures whereas my partner has only just started creating uniques so her team is pretty much her arena one and therefore well boosted.

Personally I would have liked this one to have been without boosts; I would also love to see an all rarity no boosts tournament, i.e. the pre-1.7 arena. I don’t mind the L26/no boost tournaments - as long as the rules give a broad range of creatures - but they really need to “fix” speed ties - I would prefer an additional skill test but would accept RNG over the current arrangement.


I like entering the ones that doesn’t allow dracoceratops. :smiley:




Any no boost tournament.

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Tournaments that are even levels without boosts, without DC/DG2, and without some horribly imbalanced dino compared to everything else, like Procerathomimus.

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Now you’re getting specific :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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This is a great tournament.

People need to work and level up other stuff than just uniqes!

I would instead strongly recomend their was a specific schedule of all the tournaments coming. Then we could prepare better to level up other dinos.

I would love to see the arenas becoming less focused on ONLY strength and best dinos of the meta.

Instead the tournaments could give a great option for those players who want to battle common, rare, epic and some legends.

I vote players should battle with their own dinos at their own level. And with boosts.

I give up. Total crap, rat-infested and for every battle I win I lose three. Fell back to 0 so many times that I gave up.

Another tournament with no fun for me. :woman_shrugging:

Really really regret wasting my HC. Uuugh. :tired_face::tired_face:

I like the variety, with different restrictions each time, but I think $100 was too steep so I sat this one out.

I could not vote for just one of the above. I prefer each one to be different with different restrictions. One all level 26 + rarity restrictions, next one user level + rarity restrictions, then level 26 + rarity restrictions…

I like a variety, with or without boosts doesn’t matter. The current one I did not enter. 100 HC to battle level 30 boosted critters? No thank you. But, I can see where many users would enjoy it so I am fine with it. I do not need every single weekend tournament to suit my desires, I can sit a few out.

I would prefer if the entry fee were small enough so that entering and ending up in the top 20,000 would at least include some profit. The way last week’s tournament prize structure worked. The goal should be to encourage more participants which would give all contestants more opponents to battle with. 100 HC with user level boosted creatures limits the players who will join in. I believe many more would have entered for 10 HC.

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I know I would’ve entered for 10 HC. 100 is just too steep for the middle and lower crowd. Most of my stuff is 22 and under. Only boosted to 5 maybe 6 in some cases. I would’ve been massacred for very little, if any, gains.

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Well at least we now know that 11% of the forum is Ludia staff!!! :rofl: