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What kind of "treasure" is that?

25 common DNAs each time I opened the treasure chest… April Fool…

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I’m just happy the chests vanish once opened and come back later. I wish they all worked like that.

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Let’s not forget,we got one more in the monday.

Is that supposed to be a good thing? Another 25 Iguanodon whoop whoop.

For me it’s not igunodon,it was para,25

Well for me Iguanodon, Edmonto, Iguanodon.

I know free dna is free dna but that’s a slap in the face.

especially when people get 100 tenotorex

You expecting me to believe people got 100 unique dna from those? Doubt it.

I have opened four of them now. The first two gave me 25 Maia DNA, the third gave me 25 Ourano DNA and the one I just opened gave me 25 Iguanadon DNA.

Well,i definetly know that legendary dna as possible,i’m not sure myself if unique is true or not

I’m not saying it’s not, but 100 unique is unlikely.

If i get lucky enough,i’ll send a screenshot here.

Well normally amounts go common > unique. It wouldn’t make sense for Ludia to give 25 common and 100 unique. But it’s a lame treasure event anyway.

I mean who creates events where the special treasure event is worse than regular treasure chests? Isn’t the point of event to give something extra special? It’s just lame.