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What Legendaries counter Indoraptor?

After this update I might drop Brontolasmus from my team (who was a really good Indoraptor counter) but I don’t know who to put instead of her.

Do you know which is the best counter for Indoraptor?
(Legendary Hybrid please, I don’t have any Uniques)

To avoid misunderstandings I mean the Unique one

Ardontosaurus, Bajatonodon, TArkus, Ankyntro, Dsungaia, Therium.


Ardontosaurus has a great win rate against it.
And keratoporcus is decent.


Although an epic, procerath does quite well. As for legendaries, you have indo gen 2 and ardont and phorasaura

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Dsungia, canotarkus, anktryo, indo gen2, porqus, mammoterium, stegodeous

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Baja Is all luck especially with the nerf to SV

Porkus is good for indo gen 2. But for gen 1, it actually loses the matchup because indo has a turn 1 multiplier

1: Bellow
2: Sv
3: Cross your fingers and go devastation.

Thanks for the replies. I didn’t expect so many different creatures…poor indo :joy:

you’re right. i saw indo and assumed G2

Og indo doesn’t shine as much in the past unfortunately. RIP the legend of JWFK :pensive:

Even creatures like smilodon and titanoboa beat it usually

Lol indo goes


Cleansing impact


My method still works if they go ES, remember Ig1 is faster than baja.

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True but then that shield goes I think after you use SV maybe? Honestly turns are weird lol

Who counters Indoraptor? Another Indoraptor, but white



Ardonto beats both indoraptors

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Baja doesn’t counter

Best counter for Indo G2 is another Indo G2