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What legendaries should I work towards next?

What legendaries should I start working towards… I am working on Monomi and am extremely close to Indominus Rex.

don’t waste time on the paramoloch…the unique relatively weak compare to others(esp when u grow to level 20)…unless very difficult for u to create other uniques

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Tryostronix has a place on my team… pretty good one to go for.

Looks like you have the posti… how’s your baryonyx?


Not great… It’s 13, can’t see enough. I have well enough posti to get Tryo.

keep on collecting dnas, don’t evolve until 1.6 update announcement…

any nerf on what u have done will make u crazy!!!

Why does everyone say “baryonix”?
Not being a jerk, but why?

My main reason is I was too lazy to open up the app and double check the spelling! lol…


Gorgo and Spino… Trago and Paramoloch… Don’t know about you guys, but I don’t like leveling up hybrids that use the same components. I hardly have enough for one…

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Yes, that is true, I just got Paramoloch because there was the event and I got a bunch of Stygi in the epic strikes, otherwise, I would have leveled Tragod.

trag good for defense…when u face some guys not good dealing him…trag could kill even 2 dinos

Stay with Trago and forget Para. Then keep Spino and eventually replace Gorgo with Tryos when you have it… I would think about work towards Indominus. Though you’ll need Velociraptor DNA for Spino… hard choice :thinking:

Wait, why would I need Velociraptor for Spinotasuchus?

Sorry, my mistake, it’s Utah, right? (I don’t have that thing)… So go for Indominus!

Yeah definitely, I am 40 off of Indominus Rex right now. If I see one more T-Rex, I’ll probably get it.

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I’m a collector so I say all of them! :grin:
Power wise though get your spinotasuchus to lvl 20 as soon as possible and maybe get some swapin ability user to bounce of spinotas swoop for cool combos to side wind opponents!

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