What legendary raptor should I get?

Hey guys! I need your help on what legendary raptor I should get. Whether it is alloraptor or utahsino or maybe pyrritator. Pls do tell me which one is the easiest and which one I can go for.

Easiest imo is Utasino, However, I’d recommend you grind for Either allo raptor and Indo G2 (a very op creature for how easy it is to get)

Go Indoraptor Gen 2. It’s the best of the legendary Raptors and is awesome against flocks and in raids

In my opinion I like using alloraptor but that is my opinion if it doesn’t work for you that is fine

Definitely indoG2. utahsino was a pretty big disapointment in my opininon and alloraptor is pretty good if you boost his speed. Oh and get pyritator if your ever want magnapyritor.

I say alloraptor. It’s a bit more useful then Utahsino and indogen2. It’s a great revenge killer and can be set up easily.

I love alloraptor to. I used to have it on my team at level 23 almost 24 but swapped it out for phourex

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