What Level Are You On The Pass?

What level are you right now in the pass. I’m on Level 20 but didn’t know if that was high or low compared to everyone else?

Im at 23 with like 7 away from 24. My stupid weekly is to do 30 daily missions. 9 more to go

Ive got a monthly thats to do 110!!

Id used a bunch (including a monthly and a weekly) when it reset on everyone, had got to level 11, back there now as im currently relying on the dailies to edge me up.

after completing todays dailies I’m lv 9… I cannot complete 2 monthly and 1 weekly missions in a few days… and 1 weekly was completed before the pass came. so I’me behind… maybe I got reset too. dunno.

Halfway between 21 and 22.

How? I did all my daily, weekly, and monthly tasks after it started. I don’t understand where I could have gotten any more points. Is it June 4th where you are?

I mess remembered. Im 22 with 9 to go till 23

Even so… I’m VIP but still not at 22. Did you buy the premium stuff? Maybe that gave you more points?

I bought the grand premium. It gave me some data. I think it bumped me up at least 5 levels. Maybe 10, but dont quote me on the number.


i am level 18 i do plan on buying the pass but i will buy the $19.99 then get the other one for the same price

15, I was dumb and claimed a monthly and weekly early

almost at level 20 (39/63) and have completed my weekly and monthly, i haven’t claimed any daily mission yet for today.

Level 8 on the free track. I’ve had a lot of awkward daily requirements so that has slowed me down.

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Level 9 close to 10.

17 level****

Reached 23 today

Only started the pass a day or two ago, so I’m sitting at Level 9. Either way, I actually rather like the pass system. It’s just… very expensive.

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I just got the Rexy badge


Level 9. I’d be a lot higher, but… One of my Weekly Missions is to ‘Collect DNA from 3 Rare creatures in drone mode.’ Easy, except I’ve done it dozens of times and it still says 0 out of 3. Why am I not surprised that Ludia have released yet another bug-ridden update?

I honestly haven’t paid attention. With all the extra complexity they’ve added recently, I find I’m rapidly losing interest in JWA. Especially since I cancelled VIP over the Boost Reset Scam… so it’s even more difficult to keep up than before.