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What level can I start collecting Mortem DNA

What level can i start creating Mortem DNA

Sorry what level can I start collecting Mortem DNA
Because I really want to get mortem rex and I want to join an alliance that has good raid dinosaurs so I can Get Mortem Rex

what level are u

well, first you need to complete chapter 5 in the campaign to even begin participating in raids.

second, you could basically be any level after that. but finding a group who would be willing to take you through the raid untill you unlock it if you’re that low of a level will be tough. not many people are keen on allowing lower levels to unlock an apex (they start at lv 26) where it would be an insane balance issue in the arena.


Just get someone with a good maxima and a good Irritator and a touramoloch and they can carry you through

Hey so I’m currently on level 7 so does that mean I can’t get Mortem because I have a Great levelled Thylacotator just waiting for pluss I unlocked raids on level 5

You can totally get mortem go for it

Hey MythicalVelociraptor I’m currently on level 7 but I have a really well levelled Thylacotator and might join one of the top 100 alliances in the game so do you think I can get Mortem DNA because I really want to battle my friend who has a level 26 T rex

Hey IronCaptain Thanks a lot you are really supportive

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@IronCaptain do you have an Ardentismaxima

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Rexy u can battle your friend with a friendly battle.

Some of the people that friended you like wyvernix have very good ardentismaximas however that’s not my strong point I do have a good enough touramoloch though