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What level is Erlidomius useful at?


I’ve had him at base level for awhile now and can see he’s pretty fragile even at L26 (3,000). Im sure I can play him better than I have so that’s a part of it , but for those that are using him, what level did you think it got “tyrant” at? This coming weekend gives me a chance to boost him so I’m wondering if it’s worth it to dart him over Sino and leveling my Uatinex(25)/Thor (28).
I’ve basically decided against Darwin already since those two uniques look like a joke.

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Pterovexus doesn’t seem half bad though. Granted, the HP is low, but it has great speed and the only kit so far with 99% + 50% bleed. Having distraction on top of that is huge.

Well, as long as RNG doesn’t actively hate you you pretty much need to dodge once then you can oneshot pretty much everything. Or depending on the matchup Speedup strike into rampage.

Who is your lowest level team member? Because if it’s Utarinex on lvl 25 then a lvl 22-23 Erlidominus can definitely do the job. So go for it I’d say.

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I have just realised Dimodactylus has 50 + 99% bleed as well. She does not have distraction though, so point still stands, and is slower than Vexus.


Pterovexus doesn’t have 99%? I just took a look at its set and its Swap in wound (50%) + a regular swoop (60%). Nothing lethal in there or even a damage dealing wound move. and it can barely afford to swap in with how low its health is


Both unique flyers are dreadful. Guaranteed to die way before you do any significant damage. I’m sure they’ll be buffed later once enough people ignore the events with Darwin in them.


I’ve L25 Erlidom and must say that she’s doing her job well. even not Cloak-rampage. it still can one shot most of dino with CritRampage.

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Yeah you are right. I thought it has Lethal Swoop as well.

Well, then imo giving Vexus lethal swoop would be a good buff.