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What level is your Indoraptor Gen 2?

Just a question out of curiosity and considering Blue DNA is limited.

I managed to get mine up to 21 so it fits right in with my team. Future levels will be a pain though, it’s Blue that I’m low on.

Don’t have it yet. I ran out of Echo DNA

Don’t have it either. Echo and Blue are whats killing me.

Sadly, don’t have it yet, I’m waiting until tomorrow where I’ll get enough Blue DNA to hopefully unlock it.

Not a super high level, but useful

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Still 16. Got so many frakking 10s on it and Indom II that I ran out of Rexy and Blue. Had thousands of DNA of both and look how I wasted it. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Good fuses sure died for me.


I don’t even have Indom g2 yet lol

Only 16 , dint have echo dna. Yeah I live in the beautiful local 4

I’m one of those lucky L1 guys :grin:

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I stopped leveling at 20, but sitting on 10k rexG2, 4K echo and 2K blue


Echo shortage.

And do not why but it seems the problem is Echo for everyone.

In my case if Charlie or Delta were
In the equation I would have leveled to 20/22


Saaaaame! I’ve been stockpiling Delta for a long time now. I just liked the fact that she could jump in and out of the battle whenever she felt like it, so I’ve been leveling her up. Stopped at 19, and over 13k DNA, so if and when the time comes, I’ll be more than ready for her hybrid.

Considering that, I wished that Indo G2 was made with Delta as well - if it was the case, the only thing holding me back from taking her to team level would’ve been coins.

So with all that said, my Indo G2 is at level 17. Need more Blue DNA.

I actually just need rex g2 to get it up a couple more

17 and boosted 2-4-2 because of boost amount

This thing is amazing! The rest of my team is level 22-23 but this thing is still able to kill uniques with much higher levels than it. Basically anything without slow is screwed.

This thing is a good counter to the green chicken as it can’t be distracted.

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mine is 60/200 (in other words, not unlocked yet)

Even an opponent with a slow move shouldn’t be an issue as cautious strike slows. It may even be a bit too good honestly

Cautuios Strike doesn’t slow, it raises your speed and lowers the opponent’s attack. It also allows dodge and cleanse etc.

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