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What level players are we supposed to battle, they are supposed to match up on our level,correct?

I just played someone 1 level higher than me with way more powerful legendary dinosaurs, I don’t even have one legendary yet! Aren’t they supposed to match up at least the same level as u?

In the Battle Arena, your total trophy count determines who you face in the arena. Player level determines how much DNA you receive while darting creatures, but it has no direct correlation with the arena itself.

Generally, higher-level players with strong creatures tend to stay toward the upper tiers of the arena (Lockdown, Sorna Marshes, etc.). However, it’s always possible for a player of any level to drop arenas in order to try and farm specific DNA. I’m not a believer in the practice myself, but I’ve heard some players have done it. I wouldn’t sweat it though–we all face tough opponents from time to time.

Best of luck and happy hunting!


The level your at should be very close. It can happen were your 5 and there level 8 or 10 vise versa, happens to me allot and I usually use a Hevey armor if in having an issue . And it leveled it out and helps with strategic growth.


It seems they’re using the same matchup criteria as they do in the Jurassic World park-building game. In the weekly events, your opponents are two to three levels higher than you (except for in the creature unlock ones & a couple of others, in which the opponents are super-powered creatures that range from 40-plus something (Players can evolve their creatures to a max level of 40.) to way above the 100’s (Not always as fun as it sounds, since we players can’t do the same thing with our creatures.).).

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I tend to agree with the similarities between the two games, @Alexis_Manning .

And I ought to take the opportunity to point out that every time I open up an event match in JWTG, I’m not sure whether to cry or laugh when I see my opponent’s team consists of a level 30 Metriaphodon and a level 500 or 600 common… :sweat_smile:

But that’s how it goes! Given the choice between high-level commons and the same overused legendaries, I’d rather face high-level commons and rares. Keeps things interesting, to say the least.

Talking about the park-building game, rather than this one. I always give it a try, no matter the levels of my opponents, but in some cases, I’ll get my behind kicked enough times that I decide it just isn’t worth the effort & Dino bucks, and I give up.

Eh, I suppose :woman_shrugging:. But the matchups in some of them, like the Infinite Mode (the one that’s unlocked after you get to the max level in the game, or maybe it’s Level 50; I don’t recall), are absolutely ridiculous! I can’t tell you how many of those that, after I saw my opponents (and the card pack that was the prize for completing it), I decided, “Screw this! It’s not worth the trouble!”

I’m not really that into battling anyway, so “throwing in the towel” like I described above doesn’t bother me much. TBH, if neither that game nor this one had a battling aspect, I’d be perfectly fine with it. But they do (and it’s a requirement in the park-building one), so I participate :confused:. And in the case of this game, at least, I do everything I can (minus spending real money on stuff & spoofing/cheating) to give myself as much of an advantage as possible.

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i just finished battling with challengers with 2 or higher level than me and i lose 5 games in a roll. (my dinosaur level, in general at 22-23)
just wonder how to determine who and what level my opponents will b??