What level should I start making unique dinos?

Im level 12 now and im starting to think i should move on to making uniques. Is this a good idea?

Hey Raider1, if you have a solid team right now, I don’t see the harm.

One recommendation I have for your first Unique is to make sure you have a creature on your team you want to replace with it. :smiley: However, if you just want to collect all the creatures in the game, that’s awesome too!


I don’t see any problem on getting it at that level (or any level in particular), it’s actually better to do it sooner than later.

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I’d say focus on legendaries for now
I’m level 13 and working on legendaries like Eremoceros and Alloraptor
However if you really want to start grinding for a unique go for Scorpios Rex Gen 3
It’s a great creature that’s pretty easy to get
Also Scorp Gen 2 is good in the arena and Gorgosaurus is great on advantage tournaments
Don’t go for Indoraptor or Erlidominus
They’re bad and Indominus Rex is actually better
Thor is also easy to get
It’s ok in PvP and great in raids

The unique im going for rn is thoradolosaur. I got lvl 18 allosinosaurus and lvl 17 tarbosaurus so i need to grind a bit

And ps my team rn is:
I-rex lvl 18
Indoraptor gen 2 lvl 16
Allosinosaurus lvl 18
Scorpius rex gen 2 lvl 19
Dracoceratops lvl 16
Tyrannolophosaur lvl 17
and Thylacotator lvl 12

@Raider1 Nice scorp gen 2
Level up Gorgosaurus and you can start working towards Scorp Gen 3

I could start fusing scop gen 3 but the problem is im rock bottom on coins. I only got 15k coins and gorgosaurus is only lvl 13 and im in the neighbourhood so i dont have the gorgosaurus nest

Okay if you’re low on coins focus on going out and darting to gather DNA
You can use a bike or walk
Gamepress has a nice article on zones and nests

k thx but for coins i’ll prob just do the strikes everyday and do daily missions. And for gorgosaurus i’ll just wait till monday cuz theres the clash event so lucky me!

It does not matter when you start. If you feel like you should then do it.

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So far so good on scorpiuse rex gen 3. my scorpuise rex gen 2 is lvl 20 and gorgosaurus is lvl 16. so im feeling pretty good. just need to grind more coins…