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What level will you upgrade common gears?

I only upgrade common gear to level 2 keeping gold for upgrading rare gears and character level-up. It helps breaking the renown level 4 wall. I am now at renown level 6.

Asking you guys for advice, should I upgrade common gears? I hear that some common gears are useful.

There are many common gear which are the best option. You should be trying to max level them. Really, all the gear types from common to legend top out at the same max stat within a category for the same hero. You should be paying attention to which attributes are the best, with a nod to legends being the toughest to get.

At lower levels I upgraded common/rare gear if I had gold to spare and the exp gain would push me to a level up. But I would still recommend checking the gear effects when doing so. I have commons that I use over the legendary and epic items.