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What levels do you see in low sorna marshes

I somehow got to sorna marshes and i wonder if the levels are too high for me. I have an OK amount of boosts and would it work?

Low Sorna Marshes is low 20s in my experience now. I’ve been pushed down I to upper Lockdown because of it.

Are you guys seeing evenly boosted teams down there?

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First day after the reset, this is what it was like before.

They were pretty evenly boosted with nothing that can one-shot a team. Users here are the F2P so only have what they can get from playing. I was at 3200 before the reset and average was 18 – 20 Legendary boosted. I saw very few Unique and occasional Epic.

Perhaps it was the match making why I did not see many in the 20’s as Colin describes? My team average is 22.5 Unique, un-boosted.


My experience is 18-21 in lower Sorna. I see the occasional indoraptor, even in upper lockdown.

I saw level 21 miragia yesterday. I can handle them, but main I hate seeing those…

I wouldn’t say I’ve seen an ‘over’ boosted team. Be prepared for the Rat here.

The AI are level 16-17 legendaries after two losses usually. I run three 17s, a 19 and three 18s. two Chompers (allosino and Rex), two RNG queens (proceratomimus and Indominus), Utahsino, Tank (stegodeus), Suchotator (speed boost!) and the Rat. I might kick the rat off, I can’t decide.

My team is 18 to 21 mainly 20s. I have wondered whether I have trouble getting an Arena battle (most time out) is due to the matchmaking issues.

Watch out for creatures like these

I never have trouble getting a battle. I have not timed out since boosts were introduced. Most times I get matched very quickly. I have an incubator going constantly and get the battle 10 every day fast.

Trophy win/loss has been very consistent also. Right around 30 either way. Most I have deviated is about ±5.

Trophy wise, all my opponents are within 200, most within 100 either way.

I rarely have an 0-3 match. My opponent would have to be a lucky RNG player for that. I do not play the dodge/cloak game so rng is limited on my end. Most battles are 2-3 or 3-2, close. Very good strength level matching from my perspective.

based on what your team looks like. That looks like matchmaking is actually matching you with similar strengthed teams…

I certainly have seen the odd indoraptor. Have yet to meet a thor, or a Rat over level 20.

OK then, still watch out for those

There are many droppers in sorna now for the bary2 dna so that may skew results some.

I’d expect 18-23 for a rough average of the players who are actually where they belong