What Lies Beneath event not showing up?

So as the title states, I’m not seeing the What Lies Beneath event in my battle log, not even as something that isn’t available to me. Its just not there at all?
I can see it on the news bar thing, but when I click on it I’m taken to the battle log and its not there?
I’m level 35 and have the Aquatic area unlocked so I believe I should qualify for it. Am I maybe just missing something?

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Had the same issue, but after restart it showed me

Hey @DavidSaint, as @P3t3R said, try a restart and let us know if the issue still persists. :t_rex:

Thank you!

No, I’m afraid it didn’t help.
I tried restarting as well as logging out and logging back in and it’s still not showing up?

Alright, thank you for letting us know. We will inform the team of the issue and update when we know more.

Okay, thank you.

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fwiw I am not seeing it either

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Hey all, The team has fixed the issue and a restart of the game should do it!

Please let us know if the issue still persists.

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Yep! It’s fixed for me!
I was able to play it and unlock the creature as well, so everything is working now.
Thank you so much for the prompt response, I really appreciate it!

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Oh wait, this is the Thu unlock event. My bad. In that case I did see it and completed it for Glyptodon. The name threw me and I thought it was the aquatic wheel one (“Monsters of the Deep”).

Ah, yeah.
I wasn’t able to get that one yet, still too low a level. It’s cool though, I can wait for it to come around again later, lol.