What Lies Beneath Glitch?

Has anyone had odd behavior with What Lies Beneath this morning? I just went in to check my game, and had a battle in progress, What Lies Beneath was the battle and it was allegedly already started! I didn’t recall doing this, and furthermore I only had two creatures chosen not three. I did my best but lost it.

Any issues? Otherwise I almost wonder if I did a “pocket battle” on my phone haha

Very strange, considering you need 3 creatures in order to start the event

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Yep I know! I know sometimes you can proceed with less than the full set of creatures (though one would never do that on purpose), but a lot of them won’t even let you do that. Couldn’t recall with the event whether you could. Very strange!!!

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I dont think you can.

Have you told support what’s happened?

Worst case is maybe someone has access to your account so I would get it looked at just in case?

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Not a bad idea! I tested it and you CAN start with 2 creatures (it asks you if you want to proceed), but still not sure what happened. Someone accessing the account, or ‘pocket dialing’ are the two leading theories, if this wasn’t a mass event (which it wasn’t cause no one else had it)…

I’ve never been able to continue a battle on a different device. When I’ve switched devices mid-battle, the battle is over and creatures are in cooldown. Granted, I haven’t done this often or lately, because of my past experiences, but I find it unlikely you joined a battle initiated elsewhere

Then the more humorous explanation is most likely … that I started a battle somehow ‘pocket dialing’ haha