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What ludia can do with stuff (part 1 volcano)

Let players go in and have a game that you have to save a dinosaur and in your way there you would have to choose a creature in your park to help you cross the lava and different creatures will be better in some ways and there will be a new status (like attack health coins )and the level will tell you which creature is needed and you will choose paths to save the dinosaur along your way you will earn XP and you can get benefits (like the 10% off all land creatures )but this only lasts for like 5 min and you will progress through the levels and after like level 100 the volcano will erupt and you would have to move all your stuff to sorna than after a few days you can move it back and your building and info dinosaur(that you managed to save )can Eran loyalty points instead of coins for 1 week like a common will give you 10 LP a day and a indo can give you 100 LP every 6 hours or you have a battle inside to earn new deco or buildings