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What ludia should consider when balancing dinos and classes

If feel like ludia has no real sense on how the classes of there game work. So here is a refresher on the classes of our Dino world and when making hybrids, game adjustments to consider this system.

Speedsters and evaders

  • they should not have have equal or greater attacks then chompers they should higher than average attack(1,300-1,490) and low heath ( >3,000-3,900) but rely on their speed(125-132) and abilities to bleed, distract, stun, nullify and evade opponents attacks to deal damage or kill opponents. also shouldn’t be able to go thru armor or shields!


Here is one that is controversial first read this

Okay we good, we got the idea, yes, oka let’s move on

  • should not have equal or more attack than that of a carnivore,(looking at you mammoth, tenotorex, maxima and Gemini ) yet they should have more health and in cases armor or immunity. Also they should be focused on having average attacks (900-1,290) while lasting long with lots of health (4,600-6,000) and having average speed( 107-119). Being able to defeat there opponents either thru speed control, distraction, stunning, bleeding and or nullification. They should not be able to go thru armor or shields. But if they do they should have very low attack, or the ability to be distracted.


  • a chomper should usually be slower than tanks (105-115) but have the bulk(4,000-4,500) and attack(1,500-1,900) to survive a and kill an opponent in two or three hits. These Dino should focus on hit thru armor and shields and hit as hard as they can while they can be immune it come at a cost in there stats.

Bleeders and counter-attackers

  • these dinos are a a mix of chomper like health(4,000-4,500), higher than average speed( 108-117) and average attack( 1,000-1,300). They usually rely on there bulk to hit the opponents back every- time after getting hit basically doing a rampage or hit an opponent or inflicting Damage.Over.Time to them and holding out a bit letting the DoT do most of the work before finishing them or dying themselves and letting the bleed leave the opponents in on-shot range. These dinos rely solely on there counterattacks/ and or bleed to take down or do significant damage to opponents.

Now not saying this is the only way to do these type of dinos but these are the basic the need to know the foundations on when nerfing, buffing, or creating dinos so @Ludia_Developers look at the design And system of your own game before making big change to it okay also here is one more thing you should consider

  • The “One Shot rule”as I like to call it is that no matter what Dinos not matter what rarity, if it is a hybrid or not; it should not be killed in one hit by the opponent or you FIRST TURN of the match( erlidom, spxs, phorasura). Now after the first hits or abilities have been thrown it’s fair game cause the fact that your dead before doing anything is bs. Any ways ya that all also this does not account for boosts but just regular stats and levels.
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Also no anti tanks cause that basically what a chomper is

Well Tenontorex is a chomper by technicality based on it’s moves and stats, it just has relatively higher health because of tenontosaurus component. And I think that things should be able to one shot. Nothing can first turn one shot more than 3200 damage/health anyways, and that just allows for speedsters and rats to die, which they should be able to.

As for tenato ya I see it although it should have gotten stunning impact instead of defense shattering

But still one shotting it self is fine but doing to on the first turn is just in fair to the side who gets one shorted cause they can’t do anything

some dinos were specifically designed to do that. Smiloceph for one. Designed to be a DC revenge killer/ counter. Tho it didn’t work out as well since it was hard to level. A lot of the time it was lower level and had to 2 shot it anyway. If a dino is made to specifically counter 1 type of dino, i’m fine with the 1 shot turn 1. other than that, let’s bring it down a peg.


My point exactly

But still even then I think it depends on crit Chance

Edit: nope, it’s perfect counter but still it’s not like it can kill a raptor or erlidom sure it kill draco but not others since it’s slower and they are faster with distraction

Here’s the definition of a hybrid.

As you can see, a hybrid is a mix of two seperate creatures/objects that has something from both creatures/objects it’s made of. That means if e.g. a chomper and a speedster get a hybrid, it can have the chomper’s damage and the speedsters speed, as seen on Erlidominus. It’d be pointless mixing creatures if they wouldn’t gain anything from it.


Exactly. Indominus is a high-health evader, for example. Tragodistis is a speedy tank (although Megaloceros is a non-hybrid speedy tank too).

Also I’d like to point out that counter-attackers are generally some of the slowest creatures in the game, and hybrid bleeders like Suchotator, Spinotahraptor, Erlikospyx, etc are generalists, with multiple ways to take disable and take down opponents.

The rules listed already apply to most non-hybrids, but I don’t think arguing that creatures should have more stereotypical roles will make the game any better.

These are smart people after all, even though sometimes that can be hard to believe with things like Cautious Strike, Boosts, etc, naturally leading players to think that they’re being insufferable on purpose to squeeze more money out of the fanbase (which in itself is a questionable business approach), but we can only hope that their decisions in the future will be ruled by some amount of common sense and hopefully, compassion.

I think more and better-organized interactions with the fanbase would probably the be the best thing for balance, considering how obvious some of their bad decisions have been.


They should consider just remove boosts
Voila problem solved


Anything related to who should be quicker or bigger or stronger is completely useless and pointless to try to optimize as long as stat boosts are in the game.


I think they should also dive into critical a bit. For example some Dino should have bigger dmg multipler from crit than other 1,25 default, but some dinos could have 1,5x 1,75x or even 2, and compensate it with proper health, dmg, crit chance numbers ofc.

Lol true but also kinda of no let me eaxain while it’s true that it’s a mixture sometimes it’s more from one parent than another so it still y’all into a category. Trko is considered a chomper and not so much a tank cause of it rampage and strike, so it leans more towards the rules of a chomper but I also has it’s parents instant abilities but it’s not a true mix of both since it model is trex and so it does have a slowing and or nullifying move. Tragod again while a mixer takes more from its tank parent than anything else while yes it has high speed( actually the only reason it has that cause before hadrosaur used to be as fast as raptors) but it has low damage, high health, and speed control kit of a tank, but again not a true mixer since it can’t run or swap in like most hadrosaurs. It’s not that hybrids can’t be diverse it’s that they more fall into the lines of what they are. Magna may be a chomper but fall more in line with a speedster due to its medium health, highish, and high speed. But when you make it that a Dino in one class just drafts everything everything without a problem then you got well a problem take the mammoth and it’s hybrid there tanks thru and thru high health, armor, speed control, average speed, but then it has 1.5k attack?! And it goes they armor, sure it’s a epic exclusive but then it has a ferocious strike that increases that attack anymore and it fills in the one weakness of almost every tank - bleed- and you go yourself that as shown in the epic tournament is wayyy to powerful now take all of that and add 20% armor, a cleansing move with speed up with 300 extra health. This thing should’ve this bulky for the attack it can dish it’s supposed to be a tank but it has a chompers attack and it can go thru shields, cloak, and armor.

This mammoth hit for about 46 more attack then I did and I’m a lvl 21 unique with around 2-3 tiers of attack meaning I have 1263 attack. That a plan level 16 mammoth that just did more damage than me.

Again sure a tank can do that or a speedster but they should have draw backs to that like low attack( monolorhino), lowers speed, or less health. But this thing I just what to strong for a tank. Gemini would be perfect if you know didn’t hav indo levels of attack with the highest health in the game and wasn’t immune. Maxima as everyone has said just need stats nerfs to compisate for its powerful kit. But everything needs a draw back.

Erlidom while great also shouldn’t one shot cause again it takes more from it speedster parent than anything else all it has from indom is cloak and immunity. And that fine no hybrid should have everything but if you make it that it can be countered one of these things had to apply it can be a fast tank but still a tank, it can be armored chomper but still a chomper, and immune speedster but still immune and while hybrids do diversify the game it also has lead to some of the biggest annoyances and miss calculations. ( stegodus, monomumis, maxima,proRAT, dracoceratops, indo gen2) and with along with boosts it’s now kind hard to see true balance in the arena.

Hey they gotta make that :dollar::moneybag:

Actually erlidom it’s perfect as it is now. A very balanced hybrid that takes the speed and damage from both parents.Erlikosaurus with 3090 health,1470 damage and 129 speed and indom cloak,immunity and with the buff the damage too. What exactly do you mean it shouldn’t one shot…i don’t get it.

In other words it’s should one shot another Dino first turn case in point spxs, like faster that it’s fare game but that fact it’s a guaranteed kill with spxs being in able to do anything is just bad some with phora is should one shot stuff either there is being a counter and then there is being an mvp to it

Like tryko and Thor are counters to it but they can’t one shot it on its first go especially with the buff to cloak

But that’s only one dino that can kill with one hit plus the problem is spyx’s low health.Since the erliko2 has more health than his gen1 counter part that should be reflected on its hybrid too.In the end the problem is spyx and not erlidom.