What Ludia should do

“This minor update focuses solely on improvements across the game and bug fixes.”

Update 1.6 not only failed to fix bugs but it introduced a whole bunch of new bugs.

The “improvements” turned out to be a ploy to limit game progress by lowering the amount of energy, runes, and scales that players can obtain.

The “gift box” in the top right corner turns out to be a shady way to serve up advertisements.

The implications of the changes were not thought out and the update was not properly tested.

Ludia need to do the following and do it quick:

  1. Make an official mea culpa

  2. Remove ads from that “gift box” and replace it with an actual gift

  3. Give a date on a new update to address all the problems


Instead of the gift box, they should add a ‘daily log-in’ reward system like they got in Rise of Berk.
Instead of it being monthly, it should be weekly.


yeah update 1.6 is just really bad, but you know what frustrates me the most: its the act that the first bug they fix is the only thing that was actually a bit useful to us, namely that we could go over the cap limits.


I agree with you capt wacky, especially about that useless gift box, whats the point of clicking on it just to see the same offer as the one in where you can see tapjoy’s offers.