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What! Ludia what the!

Bug server crashes and you reload the goes on replay not allowing you to move or use moves, causing Dino of opponents team to become invincible and basically give them a free win.

So I was in a match and about to choose my move after both of our Dino’s were chosen the timer got stuck at zero so I had to exit and log back in I wait and load in and idk why but I go a replay of the battle unable to do anything just watch I tried to interfere but nothing his indom took out my diloca, and thylo and injured heavily my indo causing it to be killed my a monostego. Plus the indom would die I couldn’t even kill it it had to be swapped out for the win


Hooray for Zombie dinos. But in all seriousness, this is a major issue.


Wanna know whats worse this is the fifth time this has happened but I didn’t wanna complain but this last one just broke the gamers back.


Like they should know this need to be fixed right?

Thanks for taking the time out of your day and reporting this! Our team has already been made aware of this issue and they’re working on a fix.


Yep, been happening for a while now and I seem to get it at least once a day. Was terrific when it happened while playing Ludia AI yesterday. Was in a good position then the screen went purple and it kicked me. Jumped back in to watch a rerun of their bots killing my team.

Sometimes you can get control back, but since the life shows zero you have no idea how much life you or your opponent have left.

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Lol ya and me think it’s dead went for strike so guess I’m a :clown_face:

But still they should give you something in return for this cause this is ridiculous and it wasn’t like I accidentally exited out or a notification came up on my phone I play on do no disturb. I was just about to enter a match then boom crash guess you lost and it counted it against me

Yep, it’s a bug and I have stopped caring about trophy levels at this point. For Ludia to figure out who it has happened to and compensate them would be a very tall order.

It’s all about grinding now so I care less and less about PvP battles these days anyway. I just get the ones I need for the daily knocked out and close the app unless there are some good PvE things out there.


Lol ya I used to play so much but now it’s dart daily Dino,collect dna,do missions,leave

This happened to me like 8+ times in the tournament. Beyond bitter.

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Same happend to me this morning. Battle starts, first attack, conection issue though being at home, immediate restart of the game, battle continous … but it went on by itself … like a video. I was surprised not to be able to continue with the battle.
Somehow my dinos refused to die even at 0 health. They were swapped in with 0 health and could attack (when they were faster) and had to be hit at least once till the system recognized that they were already dead.
So i only watched and waited till i lost 32 trophies.

I’ve had this happen in the past, BEFORE 1.10 and 1.11. It’s an ongoing issues that pops up whenever it pleases :neutral_face:

Yep. Same and no matter how many times I report I get the copy and paste “reinstall the game” response. Cancelled VIP though so at least now I’m getting their incompetence for free :grin:

I’m going to blame boosts on this one. We never had this issue until boosts were implemented. I’d recommend removing boosts and see if the issue persists

Happened to me the other day. Defeated Miragaia and it came back from the dead.


lol, jwa zombie edition. :zombie: :laughing:


Maybe you are supposed to finish her like mortal kombat

Oh I did and after that I encountered the ghost of an Indo Gen 2 while the clock was stuck on 0

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