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What makes monolometrodon not viable at all anymore?

The rampage to impact is probably a big reason and maybe he speed resistance too but after a 50% speed decrease monolometrodon’s speed is still 110 isn’t that fast compared to most resilients. Maybe it’s just me because i don’t use boosts that much I’m only in nublar jungle so there won’t be uniques and apexes.

It won’t be useless but it will fill its purpose now without being overpowered and will be replaced on teams at the appropriate time by better options… as it should be


because it can’t rampage and it can be slowed down by resilients and distracted heavily

It’s got a 75% resistance now not a 50%

I know I’m saying after getting 50% speed decrease it will still have 110 speed

Ooo. Ok misread

Monolometrodon gets destroyed by anything with that can reduced damage , basically most cunnings I just used it in pvp and the trials and it died that way every time