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What “monster” u turn to from playing JWA?


For me, my wife said “i never heard so much vulgarity coming out from your mouth”… :joy:
OK, i shall play this game peacefully from now…


I bet my neighbors could tell funny stories about me yelling all kind of creative vulgarities because of playing tournament yesterday :sweat_smile:


:joy: if they put up extra fencing around their house is your fault…


Im usually quiet when I play, but sometimes, I would purposefully use Indominus Rex’s Cloak as the first move against my little brother when we friendly battle, he doesn’t battle me as much now and when he does, he makes sure I’m not using Indominus Rex :frowning:

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Yeah my neighbor hammered against my room wall when I was battling at 1-2 am and gave some very creative curses from me.
I later excused myself when he said that he‘s a gamer and understand me. He wasn‘t angry about me shouting at night but he was furious when ‚I chose the perfect timing to shout when he played BO zombiemode at some very high lvl‘.


Nothing personal, but I’ve always been cursing people who using DG2 as finisher for a while now.

I don’t mind if they use it as strategy to win but to use them in desicive point 2-2 which should only outsmarts opponent to gain your victory is kinda bad tatse for me. Bad bad~

Ah! another piece of DG2 again…


No you won’t, you’ll be screaming at it again soon enough. This game is good at bringing out the worst in people.
While I don’t rage as often as I used too over this game, I still have moments of pure unadulterated fury where I am borderline ready to chuck my phone into a wall, set the world ablaze and watch it burn. Its mostly triggered by strings of bad rng and loosing over 10 matches in a row.

I’m done spending money on the game, so that’s helped some.


yeah!!! i hope u will be wrong :joy:
but yes, this game somehow turn human into monster when the streak of “intentional” losing preventing u from progress, is really bringing out whatever nonsense hidden in u.
When DG2 came out and took my lvl 20 utasinoraptor full health in one bite (crit), i almost wanted to dig it out from my phone and deep fried it… :joy:


When I battle in the arena I’m acutely aware of my tendency to shout obscenities, so I restrain myself as much as possible. However, the result could be seen as more hilarious as I end up snorting and growling in an attempt to limit my swearing and appear more civilised. :joy:

It’s rather ironic now that I think about it. Still, no upset neighbours, yet.


Lol this topic is gold! I usually carry on more when I win, than when I lose. Must say there have been some late night yelling of take that you censored where’s your evasive stance now you censored censored ETC usually when the matchmaking matches me with someone with Dino’s 7 levels higher(standard during tourney) and somehow manage a win! Luckily my next door neighbour is a gamer and a friend and knows I arena battle Jwa at night ROFL. Such a good thing we don’t have chat in-battle imagine the rage lifting to new heights being able to troll each other in frustration lol


Years, and years and years of telling my son to watch what he is saying when he is gaming, then suddenly, it’s the son, telling his dad to watch what he is saying, when he is playing this game on a phone!. The tide has turned.


I currently have 3 nullifiers on my team. I may or may not of scared my best friends a few times when I laugh maniacally when I’ve got my Tany and Suchotator on my team and my opponent brings evasive dinos out. >.>

I see Indo, i-rex and Monomimus often, my Tany is a beast against all of them, Sucho and Monosteg (or Monomet) are a good clean up crew too.

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I do swear a lot when opponents keep swapping dinosaurs out rather than playing a straight fight. Irritates me no end.


I always get ticked off at people who call me while I’m darting dinosaurs.


I hope many will share their “nonsense” here, must be rather fun to hear all out…

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LOL…i always try to control, then somehow…the blood just starts boiling and volcano erupted…
I think we all soon have to take high blood pressure pills…can we claim Ludia? :joy:


Me too, I’ve run into that alot lately…although I’ve stopped threatening to throw my phone against the wall…my hubby looks shocked when I’m screaming at the phone…lol


Maybe u shd take a selfie when that happen :joy:

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Another disconnnect!


You shd edit the face to yours… :joy: