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What music do you listen to while playing


Hey guys n gals. Do you listen to music while playing jwa? What kind. Do you have a theme song? Feel free to link a YouTube video if you care to share.

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The Battle Cats Rush Theme

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I listen to;

● Hollywood Undead - Bullet
● Pogo - Living Island
● Stephen - Crossfire
● The Death Riders - Death In The Valley
● Imagine Dragons - Believer
● Imagine Dragons - Its Time
● Yael Naim - New Soul
● Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks
● Timmy Trumpet Savage - Freaks
● AURORA - Runaway
● InanimateMashups - Imagine Dragons The Megamix (both #1 & #2)

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This is mine before I go into tourney

Professor elemental… Theme song lol.

I also listen to alot of country ,dubstep and always classic rock.


You go to the share button on YouTube. And hit copy link. Then you past in in your message the linking is auto magic

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This one too

Fetch me my fighting trousers lol

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This is actually the best video game song.

Such a classic
I Always listen to this.

Final countdown - Europe

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Duuuude I loved that game. I played it for hours when it came out.

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Hahaha yeah that’s always a good one

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I like this one too. As well as quite a few from neurotic fish.

Right now crave you from Brittany Pavia is in heavy rotation.


No theme song or one in particular. I grab one from the box and slip it in. Let’s take a look in the vehicle case and see what we currently have in there:

Bob Wills

Red Clay Ramblers

Chicken Chokers

Doc Watson

Johnny Hartford

Alicon Kraus

Skillet Lickers

Waylon, Willy and the boys

Holy Modal Rounders

Old and in the Way

Merle Haggard

Johnny Cash

I know Vassar Clements, Commander Cody and Steve Martin are in here somewhere too…

A nice eclectic mix!




in jwa, as in the rest of my life, skrillex, and only skrillex.


For a general idea of what I listen too. :slight_smile:


When I’m doin alot of DNA fusing I will put on some Guthrie and his resurant

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For me it’s usually Arch Enemy or Nightwish. Sometimes Equilibrium