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What Nerf do you want to see first

So cautious strike, proceratomimus, and a certain rat :rat: haven’t been changed yet despite of high demand, so which on is the first priority

  • CS major
  • CS minor
  • Rat major
  • Rat minor
  • Proceratomimus major
  • Proceratomimus minor
  • Other
  • I just want this to happen already

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By the way this isn’t just nerfs you can vote for a buff in one of these, but we’ll probably look down on you

I’d like to see how the counters work in this update before asking for nerfs again.
they did give people more of a chance to counter indo and procera with the twin titans buffs.
as for DC, i think its fine as is.


I’m a fan of the “everything deserves to be viable” approach. Nothing should be rendered useless. However, there are some dinos that require some adjustment. Here’s how I would go about it:

Mild nerf to cautious strike. 2, maximum of 3 effects, and no double damage mitigation. That’s just absurd. I think Distract, Speedup, and Precise is fair. If the IndoG2 wants to cleanse, it can use MF. If it wants to dodge, it can use ES.

Ardentismaxima and Geminititan. I love them, but they’re just too obscenely strong. They beat EVERYTHING. I think a moveset adjustment to get rid of the 2 turn DI + DSR cycle for Max along with a slight health nerf, and some other adjustment for Gemini. I’m not too sure what to do with it. Maybe removing immunity? It’s kind of nonsensical for it to be there.

Procerathomimus. It’s one of those cases of “one buff too many.” I think being reverted back to 1.8 stats is more than fair. So 3.1k health and 1.5k damage.

No further necessary nerf for DC. It’s been sufficiently balanced. In fact, maybe even a slight buff to stats or nonswap in moves would be nice.


DC is fine now. That thing has been pulverized by the nerf hammer and I think it’s finally in an acceptable place. If it weren’t for (HP) boosts no one would even use it anymore since it’s so often OHK’d after you swap it in. I just hope they remove an element or two from cautious strike, and nudge down promimus’s stats. Then all will be a bit closer to well.


I say Procerat major, but I’d also be okay with a smaller nerf. Sorry, but Yoshi should NOT be stronger than Monomimus.

I’ll be okay with CS receiving a minor nerf. A major one will hurt Indo2 a bit too hard (seriously, they’ve been dropping like flies both on my team and on my opponent’s).

DC seems stable enough now.

‘cautious strike’ should be ‘cautious STANCE’. No damage. Add an armor piercing strike or something and take away evasive stance. Maybe make cautious stance a priority move or something…

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Just get rid of cleanse, speed, up and precise; it’s can keep dodge and distract


The problem is with Indo gen2 is it is rife from lockwood upward. So the twin titans are nowhere near available to the vast majority of players who face it.

I faced an Indo gen2 on my secondary account that was level 22 and boosted when I was only just level 12 and at 38** points a couple of weeks ago!

Conversely my main account at 51** faced one at level 29 and with speed of 160 today. Needless to say it wiped my whole team out. I had nothing to beat it. My Erlidom is only 140 speed as is my Magna.

When a Dino can be this strong there really isn’t much you can do and that’s why CS needs to be nerfed. There is no way we should be beaten 3-0 with no way to counter it. It’s bad enough with all the fully boosted Thors, without adding to it.


Get your own IndoR G2.

Cautious Strike is kinda too strong but removing 1 thing makes it drop in strength a lot. It is in need of a change. Moveset change might be in order to cater for the loss of an effect.

Not really I forget if it was game press but according to them removing one thing didn’t change it win percentages by that much

Agreed. No further nerfs are necessary for DC.
In case of cautious strike, I’d rather have those 3 effects: distract, dodge and precise. I dig that double damage mitigation, It isn’t absurd, just a matter of what you want indo gen2 to counter. Speed up and cleanse are already present in mutual fury. So i like this option better.

In case of Maxima i wouldn’t dream of touching the kit anymore, it’s perfect as It is right now. Any balance adjustments should be done to stats imo.
In Gemini’s case, the new move is awesome and fits It very well, but the definite is probably too much. The only changes I’d make to Gemini is remove the definite aspect of the impact move, but let It remain as an impact version of shield advantage; and give It partial immunities ( to distraction and slow perhaps) instead of full as It doesn’t really makes sense. I wouldn’t touch Gemini’s stats as I really liked how in previous patches It had the highest hp in the game. If It lost immunity then those stats would be fair as well. With partial immunities and the change to the impact shield advantage the current stats are fine imo. Another possibility is make definite shield advantage a strike move, though i prefer the other option.
Agreed on procera, the 1.8 stats were perfect.

Honestly, none of the above :rofl:

I suppose taking away the speed buff and cleanse from Cautious Strike could be considered a major nerf. So there.
This poll is a bit vague.

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Ya cause like taking cleanse and speed up and say precise wouldn’t be monomumis nerfing but I also wouldn’t be proRAT nerf

Proceratomimus major. It needs to happen

Forgot to add Rat major BUFF! Cautious strike stays the way it is

Cautious strike should lose speed up and cleanse. Both of those are in mutual fury.

Procerat needs health nerfed to 3100. It currently has WAY more health than both of it’s components. Also nerf damage by 10 or 20. Just a tiny bit, it currently has more damage than both of it’s components by a little.

Dracoceratops is fine now. Losing swap in rampage balanced it perfectly.


Dracorat is fine now. Love how all my opponent’s miscalculate the damage. But Procerat gotta get monomimused. Big time. Cautious strike should also be nerfed but not necessarily changed imo. Dodge to 50%, distract to 25%, or something like that which doesn’t actually change what it does but does weaken it

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Removing Distract or Cleanse maybe. Dodge or Precise makes a huge difference.

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The only thing i would like to see ‘nerfed’ from DC would be the removal of Regeneration, so that it can’t abuse it’s SIA. The rest I really don’t know what i’d want to see nerfed from them.

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