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What next in my lineup?

Need advice what i shoud do now I have Strange (metria) and black (indo) as I wanted and I am waiting for 8th card of eolambir to made one more level 30 strong herbi, but what elce i can do to better balance it (my last goal was get black, who i get today) N What i should do next? I am thinking about “Marcus” (Ostapo) level 30, or should I do something else?

That looks imbalanced and shallow . I don’t know what to do next but I’d like to see how your events are and how difficult it’s to complete all events.

I can say, they are still normal.

What i mean is can you share your opponents in the events.

i can give there screens from tomorrow, but i think my team is quite balanced still. and i dont have problem with finish events

There you can look on a whole lineup


Looks like you need more Herbs. For an L1 indo team these herbs are useful:

  • L40 Unayrhynchus
  • L40 Ankylodocus
  • L20 Monostegotops
  • L11 Armormata
  • L11 Dracoceratops
  • L11 Stegnosuchus
  • any more L30 VIP herbs.

You could also do L20 Gigankylocephalus but I prefer Monostegotops because she has a 4 day hatch time compared to a whole week with Giganky.


i cant made segno, armormata or dracoceratops

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Il have to go with bae and choose monos for your lineup lucky, if your wanting to add more indos then I would choose mono and raptor sdna for your PvE.

Mono at 20, get a few of them for your lineup and you will be golden.

If you want to work on ostapo aswell then I would say go for it, get a couple at level 30 to support your indo.

And buy more metriaphodons, they’re just too helpful in any situation and are the perfect match for indos if your planning on adding more.

well that needed 641000 dna cca

I can get that in less than a week, so at your level you should be able to get that amount of dna in a week or just over, but buy him on thursdays 20 percent discount.

what? how? i grap 50k dna for a week

I do all events, 3 coin to jurassic trades per day, take every dna trade in the trade harbour (unless its DB to dna I do not take).

I’m not sure how much I make, but i know I can buy 3 gorgosuchus on 20 percent discount and still be up with dna by the next week.

You just need to prioritize dna over the other resources if your looking to gain enough for tournament hybrids.

I could not do this with armormatas and chromaspinus though.

I am also starting to sell dimes that I generate, so that’s 850 dime sdna for about 31k dna. I think I gain one copy every week and a half maybe. But I only do this as 1 dimetrocarnus at 40 and 2 at 30 is enough for me and I benefit more from the boost of dna. But even before I started doing this I was buying segnos, metriaphs, gorgos and pteraquetzals on a week by week basis and still gaining the dna back.

I think coin production plays a major part in my dna generation.


After one whole week with indoraptor in my team I can confirms that events are still in good for me.

Can you show some matchups. And did the difficulty change with the arrival of indo ? If it did rise how much .

Maybe a bit harder no for too much. There you have screenshots from the two hardest events (all battles won for first time, without big problems):

Fight for buck:


I think you were missing a zero from Lucky’s DNA needs…

I don’t know if anyone that can do that in a week :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: