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What now? (Team)

What now with my team?

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I’m assuming you know about Lineup Balancing and Deepening, in your previous game as well you played in a similar way but just with a few more resources to have a start. So naturally you’d have to go for more level 10 VIPs, level 20 Tournament Creatures and level 30 Legendaries to support your top Lineup.

I also will say play the game yourself to the most part… If every next step is given by the Forum it’s basically like having the Forum play your game instead of you yourself. I’m not discouraging you to ask for guidance but just saying this.

I dont get all vip to level 10 just becouse of balance. Now I need one more ptero and amphibian (vip) drop, to get them level 10 for great balanced (least for now) now. Also Ineed least one stygi or ealambia on level 1 idealy two level 1 as second pic is showing

i also mised xiphactinus event so i need keep on level 39 until he show up again - also i am still waiting for gallilimus and carnotaur events and then I take up my way to get level 60, specialy if kelenken will win CoT

Just for interest I have 5x pyroraptor I hope to get last three fast, bec Carnoraptor is hybrid which I really dont want miss in team, but afraid I dont have any nasuteratops, which hybrid is good tang… :-/

I really don’t feel that you need to worry much about unbalanced lineup until you reach above VIP level 10 Ferocity. Make them to level 10, they would support your top creatures.

Wow just wow

He is lvl 10 vip ferocity…

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Yes I said VIP level 10 above Ferocity.

How do u have so many good dinos??? Im lvl 44 my strongest dino is a diplotator lvl20

Oh. I read wrong then

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I am vip from start the game, that gives me more ways for better dinos.

also i am experienced player from past

Xiphactinus is a super rare, so it will eventually be unlockable without an upper level limit, so you will get it eventually and hence i don’t think it is worth staying at lvl 39 for.

yep this way or this way but it can be a long time, honestly i dont so much interest to xiphactinus alone, more like that hybrid from him in future

oh yeah right it gives a free rex right?

yeah o free card, not unlocking

and how did u get the dna for all the dinos ?

DNA is easier to grind thanks to vip prize drop and DNA VIP Building

And he bought some using real :moneybag: