What now?

Hi! Is there any point to keep playing this game? Any plans for a content update?
For months, we haven’t seen anything new, exept every few months you throw us a new species with a worse and worse dragons, only there for a collection sake. Even here, on the forums, you moved this game to “other games”, which suggests it’s no longer your main focus.

So, I repeat, is there any reason to keep playing it or is that it?


Really feel this too! Seems like the same question has been asked for a while now that I’ve taken time to look through the forums. Guessing that what we have is it…


I would also appreciate an answer. I play the game in June 3 years and slowly it gets boring. I don’t have to rethink teams for the Alphas anymore, because the perfect dragons are already there for that. The Wiki Dragons says that there should be a new alpha. That would be something. But still something new, especially for the long-term players would be great.

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