What OP dino does everyone want for JWA Christmas?

I would like my indominus to actually dodge, to have sextuple the health, to have a 100% critical chance, to have 100%+ damage, to have expose weak spot again, to have lethal wound, to actually burst through that shield stegodeus has as soon as he comes out, AND a nodopatotitan!

And an indoraptor :smiley:


I would like to actually see sinoceratops or ankylosaurus in the wild.


Godzilla. That’s all you’ll ever need. Even at low levels, it’s so ridiculously OP that its main attack (Atomic Breath) immediately sets the entire arena ablaze - and that’s including your opponent’s dino.

This has a cumulative damage, similar to DoT, only faster. You no longer have to wait until your opponent drops after 4 rounds or more, it drops in 2. Other dinos the opponent sends out are also affected, taking DoT damage as the arena burns around them, and sets them on fire.

Totally agree. I really want to see more Sinoceratops. At this rate there are a couple hybrids I’m never going to complete. :frowning:

I saw a sino spawn in front of my house! First in awhile!