What percentage of luck and skill do you think it is


I am going to list the different aspects

You don’t choose your dinosaurs
You have no idea what you’re opponent has
Your opponents can swap at any time unless pinned ( I have had bad luck with this aspect because I picked minimum stunned strike because opponent had 200 left and didn’t want to waste my armor pierce he swapped to a fully charged dinosaur)
Every dinosaur you’re opponent gets are a counter to yours
Most cloak and stunning are not 100% guaranteed


Knowledge of your opponents skill set
Knowing the best time to swap or let the dinosaurs die

Feel free to add anything else that determines luck and skill


Stun and crit % as well as cloak adds a lot of RNG


Skill: Make guesses as to what the opponent has in store. It’s not that hard if you know the game, the meta and the usual teams in the arena.

Skill: Make guesses as to whether your opponent will switch or not, and be prepared for both. For instance, when I’m finishing off a dinosaur, some times I will do so with a big hit instead of a small one if I see the opponent might switch to avoid dying. And many times I’m right and the next opponent gets hurt a lot.

Skill: Build a decent, versatile team so that no matter which random 4 dinosaurs you get, you can make them work.

Skill: Not just know your rotation, but also your opponent’s rotation. Calculate when they are going to use certain abilities. For instance, an Ankylosaurus will try to use the 100% shield to prevent your biggest hit. Surprise them with a small hit when they will most likely use that 100% shield. Anticipate.

Skill: choose your dinosaur order correctly. Opening with a raptor might be dangerous but don’t leave them for the end either, or you won’t survive that almost mandatory last switch.

Not denying that there’s a strong luck element in the game. All crits are based on luck, and so are most stuns and cloaks. However when either a stun or a crit surprises you, it takes skill to still turn the tables in your favor. I’m gonna say it has both, but more skill than luck. Of course, if you get ridiculously unlucky in a match, you don’t have a chance at winning, but most of the time, skill is way more important.


Level makes a lot of difference obviously

Hopefully the new updates will up the skill factor with longer battles and more decisions to make. It really wasn’t hard to raptor-manage or work out the necessary order of stegoceratops’ moveset for the situation.


in my experience, critical hits (even 5%), stuns (even 10%), dodge, other RNG makes more a difference than anything either player does, and will definitely decide more games than any “skill”.

hard to take 3 straight 5% critical hits from a kaprosuchus and say you lost because the other player was better. i’ve had someone’s IREX be 6/6 on dodges against me… same thing. RNG > skill.


Ok got to ask what does RNG stand for! Google says Random Number Generator


Correct. Basically what it means is chance or luck determined by the system. We’re all at its mercy. It’s a big factor (e.g , will dodge work?)

IMO, skill/knowledge is probably more important than RNG… but not by much!


Well a new garbage move to add to the RNG long invincibility either is buggy or is RNG! I lost my Tragodisis now twice while my invincibility was up!

Damm you Ludia if a move is not 100% put it in the move set! All it says is become invincible for 2 turns!

What is ludia idea of invincibility? Now like indominus I will remove it from my team

Edit: found out long invincibility is nothing more than a shield that can be broken! Hmm am I truly invincible :joy::joy:


One thing I don’t understand… if the opponent and I both select the same starters, such as Einiasuchus lvl 20, the opponent is considered to be faster 100% of the time! It should be about 50%, determined by RNG. This also happens during the battle when we have the same dinos.

Is this a bug? It’s a great disadvantage because it forces me to swap (and often lose the dino) when I shouldn’t have to.

P. S. I have tested this many times, both before and since the update.


Actually DeLana when two same level dinosaurs go head to head it’s the one that selects a move first! I always have my finger over the move area and if I see the same dinosaur I hit the move button as fast as I can just in case it’s a same level


I was of course saying same level and same dinosaur

If you want to see it in action do friends battles since all dinosaurs are same level and when you come up against the same dinosaur you will see a question mark on your and theirs until someone hits a move button

This could also be a way to practice your speed of tapping


Thanks for the info, I’m doing much better now (had been cheating myself by taking my time to pick a move)!