What perks would make you subscribe to VIP?

I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on VIP. It seems to be the most obvious way to monetise but the privileges don’t tempt me at all - geolocation is utter rubbish even with VIP and the VIP store is absurd - you pay for the privilege of paying more?

I might be incentivised to subscribe to VIP if, say, the number of FIPs received in a day were raised. Or if event and boss distribution were improved.


nothing until ludia can show that they are a competent company and can communicate meaningfully with the player base.


I’ve subscribed to the game since day 1 basically, and although I’m in then minority here, I’m happy with the extra range and drone life. Saying that though, I do think a reward of an Epic incubator each month when your subscription renews would be fair.


My thoughts exactly

I will not subscribe to this game until they revamp the service to how it is in jurassic world the game

I might consider it if they made it more interesting.

I suggested before 2 levels of subscription, premium and VIP.

Premium at $0.99 per week with for instance 6/6/6 boosts per DBI.
VIP at $1.99 per week with 8/8/8 boosts per DBI and other advantages.

I am pretty sure more people would subscribe. Those are just examples and could be fine tuned.


for some reason they are very good with jwtg but not this one. im sure they’ll be able to make vip good like they did with jwtg but thats about it

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I pay about three dollars more than VIP costs for a sub to an MMO. Ten dollars a month sub on a mobile game is insane. For me to be on board, they’d have to lower the price AND include more regular benefits, like increased FIP and an epic incubator each month.


No bugs. :ant: :bug: :spider:

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I never took the VIP equivalent on JWtG. How did that differ?

I canceled VIP a few weeks ago but mainly because of matchmaking issues.

As for the value of VIP, it isn’t really worth it IMO. The longer geo area to dart within and increased dart times are good but not for $10 bucks a month. I would rather see them have 2 levels of VIP.

Basic VIP Level - $5-$8/mo.

  • Increased drone range
  • Increased dart time

Super VIP Level - $10-$15/mo.

  • Increased drone range (1.5x of basic)
  • Increased dart time (1.5x of basic)
  • One FiP pack + epic scent per month
  • One Epic incubator per month

I would definitely sign up for Super Level VIP if they offered those type of perks…but moot point for now until they fix matchmaking.

special packs. a dna farm (casualy make dna used to buy previously unlocked dinos from the shop.) extra resource trades.

those are just the ones off the top of my head.

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The service in jurassic world the game only had the DNA production building, but when they revamped the service, they added close to six new buildings:

Special dna production, VIP food processing building, instant recovery building, instant hatchery and instant fusion buildings that you can level up. With every renewal, those building unlock more uses as well.

They also added another monthly service where you can earn 80 dino bucks a day or you can earn 120 bucks a day with the yearly service.

Its a much better deal all around and its worth playing jurassic world the game than playing jurassic world alive, but thats just me


i didn’t realize it got even more. maybe i should try and get back into playing. i heard theres also bosses now that you can make.


Have that VIP long enough, you can insta buy back dinos… insta hatch, far DNA and S-DNA, so much stuff compared to JWA just being increase drone range and extra battery…

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Better chances for Parasaurolophus Lux spawns (that’s all I have to say)

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Yes, the game gives you the ability to make the bosses hy completing things like daily challenges and matches.

At the moment, you can only use them for special events, but its still a cool feature regardless.

I would recommend giving jurassic world the game another go! At least there im having loads of fun and success


Nothing. I will never pay a cent to this company again.

Exclusive weekly Uniques to dart every Sunday.

I too would love extra range and battery. But NOT for 10 bucks a month (120 dollars a year!). That just isn’t worth it for me. At least if they did include a free epic incubator every month, you would be getting your moneys worth for that (although I have never purchased one of those either, again because it doesn’t feel like enough value for the price, but it’s still better than what they have now).