What perks would make you subscribe to VIP?

I suppose I don’t mind paying £8.99 GBP each month because the gane brings me a lot of enjoyment and I’m happy to support it.

Just an unboosted arena with other VIPs. I would pay for it, really



I would pay 20$ a month for that

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In fact I would consider buying it even for such a big price

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$20 US is about £15 GBP and for me that is too high. £8.99 GBP is the highest I would go and if JWA wasn’t so enjoyable for me I wouldn’t normally pay that either.

Lower the price
Sanctuary gives more dna
Hybrids in sanctuary
Epic creature spawns every hour
Matchmaking is easier
5 of all boost every day
Start tournament with more cups
Get more DNA from all incubators
Special campaigns
All strike and supply drops must spawn in reach
Than it’s still a maybe
Cause I don’t like the fact that I am paying money for light??? What do I get that I can keep…

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