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What pterosaurs will you be adding to your sanctuary?

With 1.11 around the corner we’ll be able to place pterosaurs in sanctuaries now! I’m personally going all out quetzal for Orion (quetzorion).

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At least not Alanqa!


Well the only ones I don’t have unlocked are Quetzorion (only need 40 dna) and the Momomimus hybrid.

Definitely Alanqa as I’ve only got about 4,500 dna for it and of course it’s such an amazing creature!

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Im going for quetzal but 1st im leveling my vexus he is so great im wondered why nobody uses him :thinking:
I laugh so hard against RAT users with him
One of the most underrated Dinos in JWA

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agreed lol… you can never have too much alanqa these days…

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The best thing with Alanqa also, is that it has a 50% chance to pop up in the 8h incubators. It’s awesom-0

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Arambourgiania also. Just start fusing Gemini
I also need Quetzal but he can wait =D

I still need to level up my Koolabourgiana. It’s lvl 18, needs 20 DNA for lvl up.

My Darwin is going to spend eternity in a sanctuary!

Quetzal, I really want quetzorion, have like 40000 tany, 1200 ptera, but pteraquetzal is only 18

Quetzal so I can finally finish getting quetzorion to 30

Dsungaripterus. At last I’ll be able to level it up a bit.

Quetzal too, only “flyer” that is worth it to be honest, all the darwin hybrids need some work imo. Other than that, ill run out of diplo way before I run out of arambourg.

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Darwin for Emo Bat and Dsung for Beautiful Skeleton

First a mix up between quetzal/pterano so I can get orion to lvl 30. Arambo to work on gemini and darwin to level Vexus up more. Can’t wait for it. Lol I hope they really do add Billy as the toys xd

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I’m probably gonna do Tupandacylus or however it’s spelled for Dimodactylus since it can still get a hybrid. After that I’ll do Quetzalcoatus for its hybrid then do Darwin for its various hybrids. I’ll probably cycle through these three, every 2 weeks it’ll change probably.

Depends on what new hybrids that needs pterosaurs to create in 1.11

I am in love with my Quetzorion. So I think you might know what my answer is. Lol :rofl: