What! Raptors day in Canada only again?! BTW, I am Raptors fan as well

see topic…

No. Just no. WHY!?

Favoritism -
the practice of giving unfair preferential treatment to one person or group at the expense of another.


People in the US got the AMC incubator back in the day when others didn’t. This event isnt a big deal to me personaly.

If I had to be upset over something, it would be that they had the time to do this, while so many aspects of the game are either broken, unbalanced or introduced with “set it & forget it” features.(which sadly seems to be the norm for just about everything in this game.)


It’s ok they lost…



Raptors won the finals: Get ready for Raptor spree (Canada only).

really want to buy a flight ticket then…

There shouldn’t be any regional celebrations. Not the Raptors not AMC this is a very poor idea.

Run them Globally Ludia…

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Does this mean we will get something nice in our inbox tomorrow? :grin:

poke, poke

Is this the Go Raptor event. If it is it isn’t exclusive to Canada.

I got a raptor scent in my mailbox! Whoo-hoo! Thanks Ludia! :blush:


Brazil here.
I really didn’t know what is “Raptors” (basket team?), but i appreciate 2 dino-raptors scent inbox today. :smile:

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Yes good job Ludia. And congrats on Raptors winning AAA.

I’m in USA and received 2 raptor scents. No event but I got the 2 scents in my mailbox.