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What’s been and is your “comfort” creature?

As in, which creature on your team when in the arena gives you that ‘comfort’ or hope in a battle as long as you draw them. Since starting this game my progression has been;

Sarcoixis—> Yoshi —> Indo G2.

Hate or love em, I felt these guyz gave me a chance in the arena.


Erliko -> Indom -> Indo2 -> Tryko

Velociraptor, Suchotator, Tragodistis, Monostegotops, Erlidominus

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Kapro, though needs some support. Usually, I do well if I pull a Gemini (or Carnotarkus), Erlidom, Erlikospyx, and Kapro. I’m at my worst when I have a full hand of tanks (Carnotarkus, Gemini, Smaxima, and Tenontorex).

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Starting from March 2018?
Velociraptor, Stegod, Dracorex, Tryko, Thor.
Longest standing team member?
Tryko is the #1 champion.
Around a year and a half on the team.

Wifes comfort dino is just Thor. LOL


In the early days, Velociraptor (wasn’t that the case for everyone before the nerf?), Erliko Gen 2, then I think it went to Utasinoraptor.

Presently, it’s Utasinoraptor and Carnotarkus. Without either, I usually prepare myself for the worst (even if it’s about 50/50).

Depends on the tournament.
Common: a ceratopsian
Rare: ornith
Rare+hybrid: suchotator
Epic: Diplo
Common thru epic: Marsupial lion
Epic+hybrid: Indom gen2
Legendary: Moth or Indo
Unique: Moth, Mammolania, or gemini

Diplov-> Utahsino-> Thor-> Smilocephalosaurus

I feel pretty confident when I pull my Utahsinoraptor and indominus.
I dread getting my indo, dodge never works and she seldom crits!

Tryko maxima mamolania

Tryko, she’s the queen


T.Rex and ProRat.

Monostego, Pho, Gem. Especially with the rest of my team I love having Mono and Pho to back me up.

Same. Can’t wait for the boost reset - they won’t be going back on mine unless there’s some changes made.

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Proceratothomimus, Megalogaia, Sarcorixis, and Spinotahraptor

Keep in mind I started quite a while ago so these earlier ones were actually good when they were my comfort creatures :rofl:

Deinocheirus (Raptor killer back in raptor meta)
Delta (OP fast utility raptor)
Alanqa (Swap in Invincibility, tanky, decent damage, high level)

Tragodistis (First legendary, great for killing Indom and stunning stuff back then)
Utasinoraptor (Rotating moveset with moves for every situation)
Trykosaurus (Second unique, extremely OP when I first got it)

Quetzorion (Highest level currently, carried me a lot)
Geminititan (Underleveled, but still amazing, especially for destroying all the Indorats and Procerats. Anti-RNG dino so I love that about it too.)

I’ve always refused to use Rats/Crutches unless absolutely necessary and there currently aren’t any on my team.

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Velociraptor was the first, of course.
Then Allosaurus (I levelled it very fast).
Then Utahsino (my gal :heart_eyes:)
Then Indominus (once I couldn’t keep levelling my gal after going the Thor path)
Then Indo (my first unique, duh)
Then for the longest time THOR.
After the first buff, that place went to ORION, because that little bird could turn matches around, greatest underdog weapon in the game.
And currently IG2 becase that thing is very fun to play with, and another incredible tool for an underdog player as myself.

Pyroraptor was an early one, along with Ouranosaurus.
Then Gorgoschus and Postosuchus.
Then Stegodeus, that thing could take anything, literally anything head on, it was like an 80% chance to win for me.
I loved Monostegotops too, it was great at a lot of things.
Then Erlidominus, Magna.
Now I hope for both Tryko and Maxima.


Oooo totally forgot about Ourano.
The Duck could really lay the smack down.

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