What’s does player expert from alliances

Help me. What does players expect from alliance?
Why only accept players with high trophies?
Why will you not take players who are low levels?
Overall just some advice .

You are welcome in my alliance, come by and join. It’s called Tyrant Lizard Kings

What do I want as a player from an Alliance?
I want to be part of a friendly group of players who are willing to share DNA and help one another. I also would hope that Ludia are planning on expanding what Alliances can do, such as members gaining benefits/rewards based on team performance in the Arena. Give us a reason other than DNA trading to be part of an Alliance.

Why only accept high trophy players and not low?
I imagine this is because such players expect anyone they have in their alliance to have lots of spare DNA of the dinosaurs that they want so that they can trade and all increase their rankings. I think it’s petty to have such an approach but with the game full of competitive players over casual, it makes sense for them to do it.


Counter to this (and you have a point, Colin - that’s how alliances should be ideally), you also have the people who set up DNA farms, where they can basically get free DNA all they want, without the hassle of going out and oh, I dunno - hunting? The one I ended up joining on an invite is exactly the opposite of what I was originally designing my Alliance to be, namely a way for people to bleed you for all the DNA you hunt daily, or win in battle, and the remununeration you receive hardly makes it worth it.

No one chats in Hail Stone, other than “I need this, I need that”. Until Ludia starts taking a look at how players have begun to abuse the DNA trading system because “walking is hard”, I will probably stay away from the whole alliance thing.

Like most ideas, just because it looks good on paper doesn’t mean it will work that way in practice. Just thought there needed to be a contrasting opinion here, for balance.


And don’t get me started on the endless notification messages as soon as you start the JWA app. I just logged in to open a 3-hr incub, and was greeted by at least 12 people all looking for a handout.

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As for why most alliances don’t tend to accept lower ranking players, it all boils down to the DNA they’re looking for. If you’re a higher rank, then you’re more likely to be carrying the DNA they’re looking for. Lower rank players typically don’t have much, or any at all.

That, and it’s a false sense of prestige. Like the old adage goes, “a chain is only as good as its weakest link”. The low ranking players are weak links to them. They think that their alliance’s “reputation” will be tarnished if they let a low ranking player in.

To this, I say - What “reputation”? This is a game, a diversionary fantasy game world. It’s not reality. They can’t just put this on their CV under “professional achievements”, they’d get laughed out of the HR office.

Alliances both good and bad are out there. It’s a fact. How to tell the difference is still pretty difficult for me.

Thats just a bad idea all around. It will lead to tailored guilds and animosity. Some guilds are already set up or setting up just for this. I hope alliances never have anything to do with trophy count. Keep em seperated imo.

I don’t think Alliances should have anything to do with trophy count exactly. I look at like the daily missions we now get. If Alliance members win say X times the number of members battles in a 24 hour period everyone in that Alliance receives a small benefit if they took part. That reward could be anything from coins, bucks, incubators, scents… etc, based on number of wins perhaps. The more active members in your Alliance the better everyone will do.

That’s just off the top of my head.

One idea i can think of is a TRADE of ONE for ONE basis.
Example, a player can request Dracorex Gen 2 in exchange for Velociraptor, specifically.
This will eliminate all players who only ask but never gv, or ask for good but donate useless.

What @Colin_Goodman said was 100% spot on and I don’t have anything to add to that point. But I started an alliance, originally just for my MMO GPS ARG friends, however as I made it open have had 100s (yes 100s) of applications so just opened the doors and let everyone I could in, now we have a great mix of active players from 700-4500 trophies, everyone donates, the chat is very active. I’m very happy to have a successful and balanced alliance. Furthermore, we were accepted on the MetaHub partnership scheme so also have our own space on their Discord too. Happy days!

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I don’t mind all the requests, but don’t like the one way street when my donating far exceeds what others donate. Having lower level players is great because they are thrilled to get dna for things that i can no longer use. Just a thought, but if all members are 4500 plus wouldn’t the DNA needs be narrowed down so thin based on the amount of top level dinos? Everyone would need the same thing for the most part.


There seems to be a lot of people complaining about always donating but not getting much in return. We’re still not in an Alliance and think I will just create my own. The DNA we require is Epic for the most part anyway.

I don’t mind requests, because I am getting coins for what I’m not using–so that’s nice. The method of the request drop downs is annoyyinnnnnggg though.

Would be nice if chat worked and people talked–maybe they talk more on other alliances? Takes me five tries to get a message through.

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Hopefully soon epics will be incorporated in the mix. My hubby started an alliance and there are 10 members. I’ve tried getting more, but it is a struggle for sure. Not much chatting happening, but lots of trading. I always thank people when they donate, but i’m the only one that does so maybe it’s over the top lol.

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I agree with your post about people using the trading system as an excuse to sit back and get DNA without having to get up and go outside. I don’t agree with it (the system), as it encourages people to be lazy and can make them greedy. I left my last Alliance because I was tired of getting nothing but requests for handouts every time I opened my game. I requested DNA, but hardly got anything donated. These weren’t lower level players, either. These were power players who wanted to take without giving any equal amount back as reciprocation for my generosity.

I mentioned this to one of the mods, and hopefully Ludia will look into the abuse of the DNA trading thing.


We have a few members that are level 10-12 and I can’t help but wonder why they request things like dracorex when their Utah is a level 12. Great future planners maybe, but know they must get frustrated when none is received.

In my last Alliance, that just made the requests come in even more. I’m not Santa Claus, and don’t have that much to spare - I have dinos that need upgrading too - but I probably only requested DNA about 2 times, and I only asked for common DNA. Everyone else wanted Nodo or Irritator, or other dinos they didn’t want to put effort into hunting for. Did I receive DNA? Yes, but not equal to the amount I gave to them.

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At L20 I shouldn’t assume I will get as much as I give, but I only request easy common stuff. Almost 40k dinocheirus, 10k dilo gen 1, 30k tarbo, so much to share which is a good thing. You could come join our group, take all you can get and then leave lol (kidding about the leaving part)

I’m already helping someone get her alliance started up, and hopefully we can use these setbacks as lessons in how to set up rules for alliance members to follow regarding what amounts of DNA they can get, and what type. I’m all for helping a lower level player get a leg up, but there are some out there who abuse this, and that’s something no one wants or needs.

I have wondered how many would take advantage to an extreme. I wasn’t trying to solicit you, if you got that impression I apologize :grin: