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What’s even the point to trying

Like why do even bother grinding or battling and collecting dna when a LVL 18 beats a LVL 24 like there is no point in even trying now

I got freaking one shot


G2 > G1
By far.

But, how does 3110 damage “one shot” 3537?
Unless he MF’d you…Lol.

He mutual furied ,survived me DSR him and he crit me with a rampage one shot

But like it beats me like nothing at LVL 18!!!

We’ve all had those moments and long streaks of those moments. It does get frustrating. Indor 2 is a beast at any level and I really hope they don’t change that. My team average was almost 29 and played the same dinos for what felt like 98 years due to boosts. There are finally a few that fit in before grinding to end game levels. Hang in there :slightly_smiling_face:

Lol they probably will though and I have been hanging every since 1.7

That’s two shots…

Indo G2 is fine like it is.

Until everyone but me has them leveled and boosted.

Then it needs a nerf!