What’s going on with the map?…

I play at home and work, the map started off decent, then most things were moved out my reach, as if you hone in to my primary location and move stuff just beyond my perimeter. This happens as a free player (who rather spend in the market) and as a monthly paying vip member (which I promptly cancelled). When it’s brought to your attention, we get the generic “we’ll look into it” or that the map changes (which it doesn’t do so often or in a good way).

Look at all angles of my map, no special drops or raids nearby! Please stop manipulating the map to make it harder to play unless you’re driving! I’ve already gotten a $160 ticket for darting at a stoplight because apparently you can’t even pick up your phone at a stoplight! And finding Para Lux is a joke!


It’s just bad luck tbh