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What‘s going on?


Jeez I knew it wouldn’t be fun when the droppers from that March event climb back up but right now I‘m really wondering what‘s going on.

Lost 8 battles straight because every opponent had extremely high lvled dinos, like lvl 26 Iraptors, lvl 27 (!!) Thor, lvl 24 Erlidom and many many lvl 24-25s. My high lvled dinos are lvl 22 Thor and Tenontorex. :confused:
How long will they take to climb back into Aviary and leave us our Lockwood arena?

I‘m also playing when it‘s night in USA that‘s when I‘m usually having the best chances, but not the last time.

It‘s just no fun getting slaughtered by those droppers who turned the lower arenas into hells and now decided to smash their way thru us back into Aviary. :expressionless::expressionless:

I didn‘t like the March event cuz this is the problem Ludia didn‘t see or ignored but today it‘s total craziness!

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I dropped down from 4100 to 3800. Facing 24-25lvl dinos :roll_eyes: so I’m taking a break.

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I’m with you… i lost more that 200 trophey against higher Level dinos… and my son too…

Also i feel, my Opponent Hits more kritcal Than i


I just got to 3.5k Throphys and y’all making me paranoid to battle lol

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Ok, thank goodness I‘m not the only one. Phew.
Nevertheless it‘s pretty frustrating, I wonder how Ludia could not think about this mess.

The only winners are the op players. Dropped to destroy low lvl players without any fairness to win the event. And now climb back to destroy mid lvl players like me. :expressionless:

I just tried again and failed. Guess I should minimize battling the next days. Hopefully, they return to Aviary quickly.


We’ve been saying that since the event… I also got to Aviary up to 4600 when it started… then got down to under 4100… now things are getting back to normal and I’m at the amount of trophies I believe I belong, which is between 4200-4350

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I am wishing that droppers were the reason for what I have faced in Lockdown. Legendaries three and four levels above my own ate not uncommon at all durtthe peak US times.

I have occasionally made it to Sorna only to be swatted back down by level 22 velos, Miragaia or level 21 and 22 legendaries and even a couple of Uniques.

That sort of kak takes the enjoyment out of the game and I have given up battling between about 9am and 6 or 7pm NZ time to avoid all the US students and office workers who sit in cities overflowing with dinos.

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Tournament reset people. Causes many to get pushed down until top players reastablish their trophy counts


I faced a guy with three level 30 Dinos and one 27. He let it go on auto, all timers went to zero and the lowest attack was used

And I lost😩


I restarted my battles in lockdown because now i have a full legendary team, and i have fougth a lot of level 19/20 dinos since i reach 2700 cups, thankfully i managed to succeed and reach the next arena


Last time I faced a level 29-30 (last event) I let the time get to 1 or 2 every turn before chosing a move that could make the match last as long as I could… distractions, stuns and shields… When he was against my third one, a Stegod, I swapped to Alankylo and made the match last at least 2 more minutes… That’s as close as I can get of a satisfaction against these garbage players.


I don’t think you guys are facing droppers… You’re up against the fallout from the reset… What I am trying to say is that people at the bottom of the Aviary, i.e. 4.5 to 4.8k, get their trophies adjusted by a small margin… The closer you are to 4.5k, the less your trophies will be affected by the reset… On the other hand, people higher up drop much more and, therefore, go on your potential opponents’ list. I, for example, was at 5.3k prior to the reset and dropped to 4.9k after… That puts me in the 450 trophy difference from people at 4.5k and I can be potentially paired with them… To make a long story short, players most affected by the reset are those in lower Aviary, that’s why I said people in that trophy range are going to have a blast, when the new season was announced… As @Scubasteve correctly said, things will get better when higher-level players re-establish their trophy counts!

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Same thing happens to me, too. Kicked back to Ruins and trying to climb back into Lockwood Manor. Usually enter the matches until all four slots are full of epic incubators. If I ever get a grip and not lose my mind!


I guess I was going to drop 400 trophies to drag me back down to 4500 anyway, when the tournament started. I’m just not used to tryco and how much damage 30’s do yet.


I regularly battle trykos and level 30s and I’m still not used to it :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Jeez, not a single frakking battle that I won today.
Just tried again after big rage moment few hours ago. Opponent starts with lvl 25 Indom and uses cloak. I use distracting impact and hit‘n run of Utarinex followed by Dracocera. Indom dodges all three times. I left.

Sick of this. So damn sick. No skill, no tactics, no planning, no thinking, no strategy, no fun. Just coin flipping and lottery. And I‘m always lost when it comes to this.

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Have you tried creatures with nullifying effects? Try it and see what happens next time.


„Coincidence“ has the beautiful ability to prevent me from having nullifyers in my draw when opponent uses Indom.
Happens quiet often, fascinating, right? :thinking:


When I run into a streak of Doge cloak evasive I stack my team heavy with nullify and tanks and chompers especially t Rex and monopholasaurus. I especially like using monomimus for them.


I am talking about Lockdown and Sorna at the 3000 trophy level, not 4500 trophy level.