What’s happened to metahub

Does anybody know what’s happened at metahub?? It’s been nearly a week since their last jwa post and I’ve noticed that it has missed a lot over the last weeks. I found the website brilliant for information


@MNBrian could probably answer your question well :slight_smile:

They are disapointed. Same as me and another xy pp

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Wouldnt surprise me at all. Those metahub folks were the biggest Ludia supporters. Even if they knew it was hard to defend Ludia’s incompetence and mess ups, they still defended them. I remember a huge thread just before 1.7 release where they were defending Ludia and saying that 1.7 would be the solution to shut up all the complainers…well, we all know hiw 1.7 went. …i guess its time to use 1.8 as an excuse now on how 1.8 will be THE solution?


I actually feel for them; they are all long term players so must be as disillusioned as many of us on here - hard to write about something enthusiastically when you feel like that. Also in the Boost-Era what’s the point in writing about how to take down a L30 strike tower … going to be a short article …

“We didn’t look at what creatures are in the tower but just whack on your boosted Magna/Thor and you’ll walk it.”

I used to love all the planning threads and videos on here - no threads, no challenge anymore.

Tiers are next to useless as boosts make a mockery of them …

They must feel like the editor of a betamax video magazine in the 90s …


Such a shame as I felt that it always helped me out with the info they gave

Probably they just realized Ludia’s main goal is give out every week some ammount of shoppable boost for let people spend their money and so earn their weekly remuneration. A p2w game is a dead game.


There simply isn’t much to post about at the moment. All the info on game mechanics is there, strike tower info is obsolete as there is no way of losing them anymore and strategy guides don’t work because matchmaking is too random.

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Good points made. They are doing what many long-time players are doing and just doing the basics and waiting to see if the game changes back.

A lot of the errors made in 1.7 can be remediated by requiring 16 battle creatures and nerfing Thor and the rat. Then the boosts are diluted. Right now most teams are boosting just 3-4 creatures to the max. With 16 battle creatures the odds say none or just one would be selected.

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In sure that when the hybrid recipies are teased, they might do an article on that, but as everyone has said, counter guides are useless due to boosts, strike tower guides aren’t needed
1 thing confuses the hell outta me though. Metahub isn’t just JWA, they cover some other games as well…
So why havent those guides continued?


I used to love coming up with way to beat towers, even used to make videos about it…now I just go in and wing it =/


Who remembers the good old days when you really needed a good strategy to win a battle. Sometimes it would be super close, both your and your opponents team trying to out predict each other. Then DC and Thor came


Also, can we all take a moment to remember the 1.3 meta.


Yeah, I remember losing a Strike tower once. I was mad and focused on the retry. Was worth it for the competition. Now? Yawn.


I remember even strike towers being difficult!
The first time it was just one Indoraptor lvl30 I lost.


Yes! The first Indoraptor level 30 was the one I lost. 4 straight evades.

They got the mysterious error 121 when trying to upload new updates

Tbh, with a level 15 team I almost did it, but the Indo dodged when I needed a hit

Yeah it was great in those days, you know that 7 months ago before rat was a problem and Thor didnt exist I was up to 4799 rated, now im 3900 having to use a B Team just for fair matches =/.

Like just when you are having fun, trying to outmanoeuvr the other player, doing this, doing that…its neck and neck, both are playing awesome, you’re having fun, you whip out your low health Erlidom that is faster and one last kill for the win…then they rat you -_-!



3 crits in a row from the indo, oneshotting all my dinos :slight_smile:

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