What’s happened to this game….?

Man. Looking back, what the heck happened to this game? Before 2.0 you could run almost anything you want and get away with it. Gorgosuchus, megalosuchus, procerath, tryko, brontolasmus, etc have all been ruined by this meta. You can’t even use 95% of the dinos in this game in aviary+ anymore. I went looking for new fierce to replace spinocon, since you guys thought it was a great idea to buff Thor, and now she’s useless. Out of all the usable fierce, I only found two I semi liked, and the rest I hated cause the meta is boring. I understand that I’m picky and “you shouldn’t complain about the meta if you’re non meta,” but I should at least be able to use stuff like spinocon, dio, and tryko as my fierce and not get shut down by a single move (I’m talkin to you toxic quills and cleansing group destroyer.) and before you say “spinocon doesn’t get shut down by toxic quills,” yea it does. You can’t cleanse the bleed, and even if I do live, thanks to my rng I get stunned 90% of the time. Just take a look back to before 2.0. There was so much passion in what the devs did. When they announced notes, they genuinely sounded excited, and happy to tell us about these new things. (1.5 is an amazing example of this. [Release Notes] Jurassic World Alive | Update 1.5.23) The graphics to show new moves and which dinos got said moves, or dinos that were just introduced. What happened to the clarity? What happened to talking to us like real people, and changing things for balancing when we ask? What happened to the little tips you’d give in patch notes with your rebalances? What happened to this game that had such a huge amount of potential? What happened to using the dinos you want, and having fun while you’re at it? What happened to balanced tournaments and the variety of dinos in shores? I remember a time when shores was filled with epics, rares, and legendaries, not just apexes and uniques. Where did all of the fun go in this game? It’s more of a chore to play it than anything at this point, and I feel that most people agree with me. I get the feeling that most of the shores players are getting close to quitting due to the lack of variety and rng being the factor to win, not skill. We shouldn’t have swappers that deal half a dinos hp instantly, that bypasses dodge, and heals. We have on escape moves for a reason, why are you making swap ins that bypass them? Where is your guys’ sense of balance? What happened to boost tokens? You can’t just introduce such a huge mechanic like that and drop it completely a few months later. These are all common questions the community has been asking for a long time, even for years for some of them. If you don’t do something soon Ludia, you’re gonna lose your playerbase entirely. At least 10 of my friends have quit the game in the past 3 months, and they were all the most devoted players I’ve met. So, if you want to stop your game from collapsing, you’re gonna have to do a few things, fast
1: actually listen to the community in a timely manner. I’m talking about fixing bugs as soon as possible, balancing dinos when we notice that they are too strong. We shouldn’t have to wait 3-4 months for a Dino to get nerfed, even though it got powercrept the update it got nerfed anyway.
2: stop introducing super op dinos and mechanics. I guarantee if you brought back the immune meta, it would still not even come close to the power level that this meta has. With the immune meta you could draw whatever team you want and had a chance of winning. Now, it’s if you don’t roll a specific dino, you lose.
3: before you release a dino, actually test it in a boosted format. Boosts change a lot about a dino, and dinos like troodoboa actually get WORSE in a boosted format, purely due to the power differences.
4: fix the bugs and performance issues. We shouldn’t have to hold the surface of the sun in our hands to play this game. We shouldn’t be running at 10 fps 90% of the time. The pure amount of glitches that are detrimental, and the fact that they haven’t been touched is insane. I still run into the pink screen crash in pvp every once in a while.
5: make the ingame shop offers worth it, and remove apex incs from the market. Making apexes a pay to win option was never a good plan, and just got worse with imperato.

That’s all I’ve got, but I guarantee the rest of the community has ideas on how to improve the game. Comment em down below guys.


Also make sure you nerf stegosaurus, group decel strike is too strong


Lol yes
(In all reality please make group decel strike a 1 turn cooldown move.)


If group shattering strike can be 0 than group decel can be


Lack of usable creature variety is by FAR my biggest problem in the entire game. I have a huge tolerance to bugs, lag, crashing, and all the such (which is why I have over three thousand hours of playtime on ARK), because I can still find fun in games if I get past those issues. However, when you limit what’s good to such a small portion of the game’s roster, not only to you have both buggy and stale gameplay, it also makes it look like the developers just don’t care. Here are a few examples:


Brachiosaurus, looking at its moveset, is THE resilient non-hybrid. Absolutely monstrous health, low damage, below average speed, and some armor to back up the bulk, along with a heavily resilient tank-based moveset. You can tell this creature is built to the the ultimate anti-cunning, and during the time of its most recent change, that was true. It could beat every single pure cunning H2H in the entire game, and that was its job, to destroy cunning and get destroyed by fierce. However, things have changed, while Brachiosaurus hasn’t. Now, we have flocks. These creatures pretty much force you to have group damage to take them down, something Brachiosaurus never had and was never given when flocks were introduced. Now, Brachiosaurus loses to cunning epics, like Argenteryx. This introduction of a new powerful mechanic combined with everything else not being given a change to combat it results in powercreep. Nowadays, your average viable cunning will always have one of the following: High health, Absorb, or a DoT ability. Why does Refrenantem have 4800 health? Why does Hydra Boa have a DoT ability better than Thylacotator’s Maiming Wound, when Thyla is a wildcard anti-tank and Hydra is a Cunning trapper?


Honestly you could replace this poor guy with many other creatures. It’s useless, and it’s always been useless. It’s worse than its own ingredient in battle. It has no raid usage, provides poor synergy and support compared to others even in its rarity, and there’s overall no reason for a player that wants to succeed, to use it. Just, why? Why did it get added in the game? Why hasn’t it been buffed? Ludia puts in the time and effort to make a whole entire creature that does absolutely nothing, but for what reason? Is it because it doesn’t make money? Was it forgotten? Does Ludia have a burning hatred for it and regret making it? It all just seems so pointless to put this perfectly good and interesting creature to waste.


My favorite creature in the entire game and arguably the most balanced creature in the game, this is a versatile and unique creature that should be able to be used on any possible team and provide at least some support. However, it doesn’t, or it no longer does at least. The meta has been cranked up to such an extreme to the point where powerful all-rounders are outclassed in their own role by creatures that weren’t even meant to have the role. Albertocevia is a fierce and cunning revenge killer meant for dealing heavy damage and setting up against foes. However, even without revenge, it just beats everything, something Antarctovenator was supposed to do but is no longer the best at. This in my opinion is the best creature that can be used to determine how much powercreep has happened, because in a perfect world, a creature as balanced and versatile as it should never get any worse.

Almost every non-hybrid

Ouranosaurus, Monolophosaurus, Postosuchus, etc. If it isn’t good, put it here. Why all of these creatures get a mention is because they all share one thing in common - They are all seen as nothing but hybrid food. These are a prime example of how Ludia, for the majority, only cares about the endgame. It’s why powercreep is happening in uniques, legendaries, and apexes so fast, but not in common, rare, and epic creatures. These creatures are supposed to be stepping stones for earlygame players and viable assets in lower-rarity tournaments. However, the only useful thing they do is contribute to making hybrids, and nothing else. Why can’t I use Diplocaulus Gen 2 to defeat Albertosaurus. Why can’t I wipe out flocks with Amargasaurus? Why can’t I provide synergy to take out tanks with Darwinopterus? Why can’t I rip through fierce creatures with Smilodon, or Monolophosaurus, or Utahraptor? The non-hybrids alone and what they could be give more than enough evidence that there is so much missed potential in this game and what it could be.


I took a break from the game for a few months, and when I came back I found out that all the dinos I spent so much time grinding for were no longer relevant in arena/tournaments. However, they still work well in all strike events other than steps 9 and 10 of last week’s ridiculous 10-step epic strike tower.

To keep the game fun I avoid all forms of PvP. I’m a big fan of the movie franchise, so I focus my efforts on creating powerful versions of those dinosaurs. Right now I’m working on making a level 30 Indominus Rex. It will be level 25 when I collect enough coins. Next up will be Scorpios Rex Gen 3, because I enjoyed Camp Cretaceous too.


I do the same, i have dimorphodon at lv 20 just cuz I want to


I think older creatures are much better at determining powercreep. For example, magna used to be a meta creature even right after the 2.0 update, same with maxima, gemini, thor and tryko. With the exception of the newly buffed thor, they are all forgotten and only maxima and gemini are used in raids.


Well I use gemini on aviary, but you are right, I don’t see Trykosaurus much, same as ardentis, Gem and thordo are somehow frequently.

I use gemini too but it’s not very good compared to today’s creatures. Same with magna.
New players wouldn’t even think those used to be meta.


Yes, I used magna and tryko on Lockwood mansion, but now they are useless. Happened with Indoraptor ( I use it now cuz of the buff) and Dio. when they were useless, I Stopped using them. The only dinosaurs that have been on my team forever are Indotaurus, Rhino and gem. This just proofs a lot the power creep and how some old uniques and legendaries should get buffed. Like Erlidom or Spyx which were used a lot before.

The problem with those is that they fell out of the meta quite a while ago, and in Dio and Tryo’s case, were majorly invalidated by a single move, whereas Antarctovenator is strong enough to see the effects of the most recent powercreep without being majorly affected by specific matchups.


I use gemini and ardent, and from being those two mains. It’s really hard to even do anything in this meta. Swap ins, Cunnings just taking out like idk? all of your hp or even koing my gem or ardent. I only like using what i love and only creatures that i really like. But basically almost all of my team is just crap but i still use them cause i love then. Also those release notes is where the ugly stupid thor came into being a thing

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Yeah my team too is only made of dinos I like and not meta. Also, it becomes harder and harder to keep up my trophy count.


Speaking of which, can we talk about the fact that a non-hybrid legendary and legendary hybrids made out of rares and commons are better than uniques?
Like back in the days sure yoshi was just as good as uniques but it was weak to resilient even some of the epics one which made it more balanced than what we have today.


Man i miss those days. That was fun, was top 1000 and was super fun. Could’ve been a top 500 if it wasnt for ludia deleting my account. I just barely know how good Ardentismaxima was, had it for 1 day after grinding Brachio for 5 days after they Anounced Ardentis. Used it in 2 battles before my account was lost. But Antarctovenator ist better too determin powercreep cuase no mater what new creature or buff the game gets, he never seems too get Unbalanced compared too others.

What in my eyes is the problem, is that Ludia and/or Jam City have relised a way to make a ton of money they cant make with other games like JWTG. Too Achieve something ( a new hybrid or something) in JWA, It requires you too spend a lot of time and actively hunt for there components too finally unlock it. And this is where Event exclusive comes in the mix. If you dont have enough DNA for a Event Exclusive creature, you either have too wait till it gets put in an event, reqeust too your Alliance or buy an incubator in the shop. Sometimes it takes months for an creature too be featured in an weekly. You can Reqeust too your Alliance but this can be infrequent cuase if it is an epic or your Alliance members need the same creature DNA, you wont get that much and it will take long before you have enough. With buyable incubators in the shop you get a ton of Dna instantly without much effort. And this is like @iRex said in another thread only in an advanged varient.

  1. Nerf on Op creature people spend a lot of time and money on.
  2. Release a new OP creature and make an component event exclusive.
  3. People while Rather get it fast then wait a long time otherwise they cant keep up with the meta and will loose a lot of trophies.
  4. They wait untill people have it at usable lvl and stat boost count.
  5. They Nerf it till its barely/not useable and the money tho get event exclusive dna, and the time people spend too gather the boost where for nothing.
  6. Release a new OP creature with the same ladidadydoo.
    If high rank players wont invest in the new OP creatures and keep using the nerfed ones, they will fall behind the rest and loose there thropies and place in the arena. This is what Phorurex was and Allodrigues, Albertocevia and Rexy are right now set out too do. But if Ludia and Jam City didnt do this the outcome could be so good, I mean look at Antarctovenator and Poukandactylus. 2 super balanced creatures that no matter what creature comes into the game that does there job better or counters them super hard, they wont be a victem of power creep. In my eyes this is the problem, i dont know if you guys can agree on this.

My assumption is that the new fusible Apex they are going to release is going to be a bit OP to start so everyone will go for it. They will sell the ingredients so you can get it and grow it to level 30 faster.

I believe Hydra is misclassed, i’d say It could be either cunning-fierce just like spinotahraptor or WildCard, thats the only issue with what u say imo.

The rest are points i can and i will pretty much agree with, well said :clap:


I want every common,rare and epic to be good

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