What’s happened to this game….?

Yup the game is boring as hell with less than 20 broken creatures on the top in about 300+ dino in this game…

To clarify a point about your answers:
1: actually listen to the community in a timely manner. I’m talking about fixing bugs as soon as possible, balancing dinos when we notice that they are too strong. We shouldn’t have to wait 3-4 months for a Dino to get nerfed, even though it got powercrept the update it got nerfed anyway.:

-The vast majority of the problems have been created by the community and playerbases.
Remember the vote about speedtie?communty said,it was fine than canadian or US get priority on others continents.
Remember this broken toxic quills (not so broken anymore if you look at rexy or refrenantem…),over half of the forum said it was fine,same for the actual refre and some others.But anyway,ludia don’t listen to anyone,they keep doing some cash grab and nerf in 6 month.
Everyone asked for rexy,well,rexy is super OP right now and there is not so much complaints:Thanks the community.

2: stop introducing super op dinos and mechanics. I guarantee if you brought back the immune meta, it would still not even come close to the power level that this meta has. With the immune meta you could draw whatever team you want and had a chance of winning. Now, it’s if you don’t roll a specific dino, you lose.

Yup,this meta is clearly a joke tier when you look to all the broken things we got in the past,maybe in the exception of 1.7 with old thor and DC.But again,they won’t stop because they earn lots of money from it.

3: before you release a dino, actually test it in a boosted format. Boosts change a lot about a dino, and dinos like troodoboa actually get WORSE in a boosted format, purely due to the power differences.

It cost money and time to have tests servers and to tests creatures.So they give some randoms stats ,but they try to make it everytime a little bit stronger than the olds creatures so people buy them.
Who want to purchase a creature beaten by all the others?Even when they have to rebalance creatures,they don’t know how to do.

4: fix the bugs and performance issues. We shouldn’t have to hold the surface of the sun in our hands to play this game. We shouldn’t be running at 10 fps 90% of the time. The pure amount of glitches that are detrimental, and the fact that they haven’t been touched is insane. I still run into the pink screen crash in pvp every once in a while.

Once again,there is no profit from it.There is more and more bugs as the time goes by.A year ago when i left the game,my phone took 1 minute to load sometimes to a creature stat page.You still can’t disable all those visuals when you walk (sanctuary,raids,tower dones) and the game was utter slow.I imagine,it is worst by now.

5: make the ingame shop offers worth it, and remove apex incs from the market. Making apexes a pay to win option was never a good plan, and just got worse with imperato.

As i mentioned in all the others,money first,if the game die,then press all the milk of it before.The shop have always been a way for a few whales to crush all the rookies.And as the power creep always continu,they have to keep paying to keep crushing the rookies.

The only way for this game to be good is to fire all the management of this company or to sell JWA to a competent company.
-They don’t know how to fix their mistakes,they don’t know how to balance the game,they don’t know how to correct bugs,they don’t know how a game works and worst,they don’t play their games.
And you can trust me,i am here from the beginning,step by step this game is slowly dying.
A year ago it was already unplayable so i cant imagine now.
And to finish to convince you,remember the old daily missions?It was working perfectly and look what they done.some member of my old team show me pictures,its hilarious…Dart some rare flocks?rofl
They have reduce the rewards and the interest in something which was nice.


Possibly with the 2 new apexes the game will change a lot. It will make people waste there coins on leveling up there components. And if the indonemys, monolocevia or compscorpio win, the power creep would be a lot more.

Thank you for this post. Ludia needs to give us a heads up, give us a boost shuffle, and do some serious rework on EVERY creature because seriously either a creature is OP or useless crap. And no more hybrids, no more APEX, no more flocks. I legit worry that Ludia is trying to make as much flock creatures as there is non-flock creatures because “they’re creatures too”. Apex was always a problem. Worst idea ludia had because Apex are supposed to be seriously good in arena and beat unique but that makes no sense. A creature made of real creatures should defeat a made up creature, by my logic. Especially if that creature is made of 3-4 carnivores and loses to a Dilophosaurus remake.

(no offense of course, this is Ludia’s career, they’re just doing their legal job and we’re playing their creation)

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Idk phorex is quite balanced now and isn’t garbage like monolometrodon, Magnus and nemys.
I still see them regularly and can be hard to deal with if played correctly. But it come nothing close to before it’s nerf.

One of the reasons you see Phoru more i think becuase it can stand a good change against Rexy ( I think. I mean my Phoru lvl 24 with a handfull of health and speed boost almost defeated the last phase of the INSANE strike tower of previous week.


I have a huge pile of coins accumulated because I don’t know which dinos to level up anymore. For the new ones, I just build enough to unlock them, because whichever I work on, it will become outdated (nerfed or power crept) at the time its level becomes high enough to be useful. Even if I can level them up to lv 30 now, my boosts are stuck to the old dinos so I still won’t level them up.

Can you believe that the whole team would become obsolete in just half a year? How can people invest and play with this kind of madness?


This is one of the reasons I don’t play PvP nowadays. The only reason I do is to get daily incubators (mostly for the boosts) and the occasional free rare/epic PvP incubators. Most of the time though I just battle for map incubators, collect dna for new dinos, and level up & boost potentially meta relevant dinos, just in case they become more useful later (like thor and indo with their new upgrades).

P. S. Thor is now a flock crusher if you boost him right and indo finally feels more balanced (relative to current meta, though he could use sidestep instead of just evasive).

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For the first time in over 2 weeks, today, I turned the game on and came to the forum.
I got a bot in Library on the only battle I did.
Thought I saw a tumbleweed while waiting out the countdown.
Seriously wondered for a moment if everyone quit :joy:


Completely agree with everything you said, I lost my passion for this game a long time ago due to many reasons that you mentioned (Lack of Variety in arena and tourneys, seeing no end of the suffering of boosts stuck onto creatures that are no longer viable, etc) this game really isn’t what it used to be anymore. Another thing I find problematic are apexes, for starters you shouldn’t be forced to communicate with other players in order to unlock them nor have to pay for them, they should be like the other rarities (Grindable in a free way and not having to rely on other people, Ludia, please give us a way to unlock them without paying or relying on other players) exclusives are also a problem since they take away the fun in hunting, I really want to hunt things like Dracorex and Albertosaurus but I’m not able to due to them being exclusive. Having variety in arena and tourneys alone will make me feel a lot better, I miss seeing old uniques like Trykos, Ardents, Dios etc, now we’re just seeing broken things like Imp, ACevia, Ref, etc, lack of variety is not fun and you should be able to use what YOU want to use and still be at the top of the game, not having to be forced to use certain creatures in order to be in the top 500. The game really needs a big fixing and revamp and especially give more variety in tournaments and arena, I would love if update 3.0 is about this but I highly doubt it, even though we can expect 3.0 to be a massive update.


Since the last update im becomes only connection errors, it’s going up to 28/31 and not further or I’m becomes by 1/31 a connection error by good WLAN connection. All other games have nothing problems.

And to the other theme… It’s not longer Jurassic World it’s creature World, most power creatures absolut irreal ugly and nonsense Fantasy creatures… Frankenstein creatures ptero-mammalia_dinosaur mixed Fantasy creatures… Thats not genetic that’s fantasy like pink unicorns with Pegasus wings


Pretty much everything said here is true.
I myself am a non meta enthusiast, I use gorgosuchus and tryo, I plan on using pteraquetzal purely because I like the design, just the meta hates creativity, there’s what, 10 viable creatures? even some like Vasilis are starting to get powercrept.
Granted, while ludia/jamcity should listen to the community more, sometimes the community is part of the problem.
This game had so much potential, and it still does, just that potential is being watsed on a cashgrab, and currently it seems there is nothing we can do.


To be fair, hybrids like Indominus Rex, Indoraptor, and Scorpios Rex are seen in the movies and shows, and the franchise as a whole is treated more as a science fiction than a realistic dinosaur franchise, so all the wacky hybrids aren’t too far-fetched for the game, as they’ve been there since the very start with Erlidominus and Trykosaurus. However I do agree that the actual prehistoric animals do need much more representation in the game, lots of them are very weak and don’t do much.

My entire team became obsolete in a single update, which was the Thor buff

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This is where I am. I don’t even feel safe leveling up my unique dinos either past 25, because they could easily wind up with an apex and then I’d be left without enough DNA to get it / to team level.

I really miss the days before the apexes were around. I know others will disagree, but for me, they were the start of the eventual decline of the game.


My advice for you is, who gives a dump about apexes? use what you want. Do this and you’ll have much more fun with the game. Who cares if you drop a few arenas in the process. What matters is that you’re trying what you can to make this horrible game enjoyable while you wait for the devs to do something.

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Also I 100% agree. Apexes were a massive mistake. However, if they weren’t made, I’d never get my boi magnus, which would be sad :frowning:

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Science is not longer a part in the JW universe, only fiction like avengers and marvel, only use modern tech and spaceships make not science fiction, clever science fiction is chrichtons novels, a little part fiction (gentech for recreation of dinosaurs) to make a good story… In JW the science is the little mystic magic wondermachine for effect nonsense… Dinosaurs that’s rules the world :joy::rofl::joy:the most dying before hers drop the first egg while a sauropod has nothing feed hör his or his brood… The modern African plants for example high toxic and sauropod have not the teeths for use it and who modern wildlife have no space and food, a dinosaur that’s bigger as a turkey dies or killed in days.