What’s happening?!?

Sorry don’t have any pics but I just went up against a level 21 non boosted indotaurus and I used my mortem against and was about to kill it when it did it’s cloak and I was at full health and then it did it’s counter which did 5634 attack!!!:flushed::rage::scream:

Uhh how is that even possible?

Oh the cloak does like 2x or 3x so that is probably why

Ohhhh but it’s cloak just vanished when it did it’s counter

But idk


The cloak boosts one attack, and it’s Rending Counter counts as one, so it disappears right after

It actually boosts all counters before Indotaurus actually attacks, I just won a battle with it that way.
Also to the OP, the base counter is a third of your health, and with Revenge Taunting Cloak that’s 2.5x0.34 which is 0.85, and then with a crit that gives you a little over 1x your max HP, so you die in one hit.
The Cloak disappearing is just a visual error, if you tap on the creature it still says that “Invisible” is active.