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What’s left for this game for now?


Apart from trying to create and lvl up dinos darting them, this game has turn into a “incubator” slot filling duty for me.
There is nothing we can do in alliance…
What else u guys look forward to or play for? What is motivating u playing this game now?


The only reason, for now, that I still have the game is my beloved Postimetrodon. The cute thing done captured my heart :heart: but yeah, it’s pretty dang boring, I hope 1.6 drops soon.


For now,unlocking Utasinoraptor

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My goal is to subsequently unlock them all, and my next project is Trykosaurus, for which I need a massive ton of Anky DNA and quite some Rex DNA (Ankyntro is level 17, Rex is level 15, so I have quite some distance to go until I unlock Tryko). So this will keep me occupied for a while. Another project is to bring all of my team to level 25. Right now almost all of my team members are 24 or 25, except Thor who is level 21. I also want to level Magna up and use her… dilemmas, dilemmas.

Another goal is to stockpile DNA I’m short on in prep for 1.6. Looking forward to what they bring in 1.6


Did u do a math of how much more effort u need to bring your 25 lvl dinos to 26 then 27 and to 30?
A unique of 21 from creation start by 100 DNA to lvl 22…then 150, then 200…
Fusing one indoraptor need 2000 velo…50 Trex…
Fusing one Thor needs 2000 Tarbo…


I started back to zero. The fun is back to doing battles. I also dart more now, and this time i know where to spend coins. So i guess its grind grind grind for a few months and then we"ll see.


Of course, I know it’s a big effort. It’s a part of the grind and it’s what keeps me going. It’s what keeps me motivated to keep hunting daily and capping out on supply drops and completing all strikes to get as many coins per day as possible.

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First unlock all of them, then get best dinos to lvl 30. This one will take some time. :grin:

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I’m happy collecting and levelling dinosaurs but I’m hoping that they will introduce something for Alliances to benefit for how well their members do in the tournaments. Give us another reason for being part of an Alliance.

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Yes, that’s what we all do right now.
Then soon there will be new introduction added, when u still struggling with existing.
Before we even get our dinos to “high” and not even 30, what we own now properly are all useless…we start all over again with the latest.
Not complaining but i guess it is eating up our private life.
Full of anger as we can read from forum about RNG, arena losing streak…
It is really worth the time spent?


I am agreeing to this, that the game has to evolve from just arena to more “interaction” between the community.
From a grinding of darts and darts to some challenge of funs…not to win an EPIC incubator as reward every 2-3 month.

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Level 31 Dinos, of course.


Everyone can see the top players are the same.
They will be the first to get to next higher lvl after 30, almost in days, when majority cannot even reach 25.
Unless u are so devoted for the game and can spend hours and hours everyday, this game has to be played casually.
You will never match the top players or even close.
To certain extend, i doubt the game can go top if u don’t use transport, it take maybe years to have enough DNA of velo now to reach lvl 30 for imdoraptor, by foot.


I’m a competitive player, I play to compete for top spots.

That said, I’m tired of swimming against the current and if the Local 3 issue and the spoofer issue are made worse (like they both were in the last update) instead of getting fixed, I’m likely done.

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The cold and snow pretty much killed any real playing since I can’t get out. It was only 5° F this morning and the short walk from my car into the grocery store was stinging cold on my bare hands.

I’m skipping most the towers and may only pop the game open a few times a day. This kills the alliance thing since I’m not darting as much.

I want to see what 1.6 brings.

I won’t be doing much till spring. It’s inside console games for now after in withing the house work.


As a level 9 player I really want a legendary, I’m pretty close to some :wink:
I left the game alone for a couple months but I then came back for the pterosaurs- I can’t wait for 1.6 :slight_smile:


I suffer from an addiction to this game and cant stop playing. I just want to collect all the dinos. I hate playing arena; it’s the most god awful ‘game’ I’ve ever forced myself to sit through and it’s just a chore to get the incubators. I sometimes wonder how much I must hate myself to keep playing it.


It is better than the pvp pogo introduced…

When I first started JWA… the arena was great… now with the tournaments and the people that drop arenas to make it easier for them have ruined the pvp aspect for me… now I just do it every now and then… still sitting around 4300 trophies… but it is brutal in that area with some people completely out leveling me to fair match ups to me out leveling others… it’s just a mess and not fun…

Yep… same boat my wife and I are in… living in a smaller town means not as many random spawns… we spend several hours a day out and about… random spawns should be improved though…


Having Dino’s spawn on every supply stop would be nice. I have 3 in range by my house but only one ever spawns Dino’s. It feels like a rip off