What’s my rank?


I’ve just got my second incubator for sorta marshes and it’s a 12 hour which is sweet! But I’m wondering what’s my rank I’m above 3000 points I’ll attach pics if anyone knows how to find out what rank I am I assume top 200-300



Sorry for posting the other players name my bad I’ll scrape it off next time. Don’t wanna post horrible losses like that poor guy lol


Just scroll down and repeat that until the bottom of the list … Best 500 appearing


Ohh ok thanks :+1: I’ll do that now!!


#500 is 3065 so you’re probably top 550-600.


Yea I just looked your right about 550-600 spot arghh I’ve went up 1000 points in a week and a half so I’ll get there :grin::+1::canada:


That’s a great improvement though!


Thanks yea I just added some money and speed up my incubators and collect like crazy out on bus for a hour everyday then where I study is pretty lit :+1:


I started a week before beta ended roughly so I got a bunch of perks for the beta this is my current team I’m kinda fluctuating back and fourth with certain Dino’s but wow I just spent 150,000 on levelling up ! Insane coinage cost.

Thanks for the help