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What’s other alliances’ vision on this?

Ok, so as some of you already know I’ve been around a while (start minus a month). I’ve had several alliances for several reasons, merged and restarted and even ran a couple at the same time. Now we’ve all seen a lot of changes in this game. In the beginning only major ones like once or twice a year, lately every month. I’m not going to elaborate on what my perspective on all of these changes is as I’m pretty sure my other posts and responds give a clear picture on that. But, about 15 of my members have been with me since my first alliance. We went trough a lot. Lvl 26 was no longer the max it became lvl 30. Aviary was no longer endgame it became Shores, championship was introduced, boosts were introduced, sanctuaries were introduced, raids were introduced…. We all adjusted and found ways to fit it all into our gameplay and daily life…

Now with the rapid changes back to back every month I see a lot of my older members (not by age but by loyalty) say their goodbye to this game. All state that they’ve stayed as long as they have because of the alliance but especially now with yet another update full of huge changes…. They call it quits.

I wondered why, why now after all we’ve already gone trough. But I think the answer is simple as they all state it in their goodbyes: ”…… Barely anything they do interests me anymore. It’s just rinse and repeat on the same stuff - create more bugs, bring out new dinos, mess with things that aren’t broken etc. And the speed that they’re doing it all is ridiculous too. I don’t have the heart for a lot of it like I used to….”
And honestly I’m the same. Just burned out from all of it.

I noticed newer players in my alliance are a totally different type of player. They’re the fast ones, the grab what you can and proceed ones. They’re also the ones that rather hop alliance than do their 10 tournament takedowns or dbi. They’re on whenever they can get a raid in and off whenever you need that extra one to get a raid done. They’re used to carry strats and high rewarding alliances without putting too much effort in themselves. They just care less….

That’s NOT what our alliance or any alliance is about though. It’s about teamwork. Putting in that little extra effort, hurting a little here to gain there.

Is that what this game has become? Is that what we fell in love with all those years ago and supported no matter what? Is that just me or my alliance?

Curious you read your thoughts on this matter ….


No, it’s not just you. I see my most active and longest around members (and friends) drop out of the community and the game for the exact same reasons. Some are heartbroken because they feel, everything they worked for gets destroyed on a regular basis. Some just lose interest.
It hurts.
For the newer players, I feel you. And I think, it was us spoiling them with carry. Luring them with being able to do all raids with everyone. Because once, we were proud and happy to be able to help. Now it seems, it’s a requirement and we are just the tools.
But then, among these faceless masses who just grab the rewards others worked for, there is that one new player you bond with. Who really wants to be part of the team. And for that one, I stay.


The only reason I’m still here too.
Thank you for sharing that, very recognisable….

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It happened to me too.
I joined the game only a couple of updates before 2.0 but only have today’s account for about a year and a half.
The first alliance I joined dissolved the day after I joined. However with people from that alliance we made a new one. That week, we got two gold incubators from the alliance missions.
As time passed, we got worse and worse rewards, most of the og players left or went inactive and new players were offline most of the time. I became less active too, until I became inactive for a month.
When I came back, I saw that the last active and founders in the alliance left. I left the alliance too.
Fortunately I am now in a semi-active alliance where we need to do at least our ten takedowns for the weekend.
Just saying you aren’t the only one who noticed that the game isn’t healthy anymore if it ever was. Also the only keeping me playing is my alliance because I want to help them otherwise I wouldn’t be playing anymore.


My alliance hasn’t really seen people quitting. They’ve stopped for a while for personal reasons

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How many returned?

We’ve had 2 or 3 return, 4 have left, latest one leaving being 2 weeks ago

Ok so I get that sometimes life gets the best of you. But ultimately…. This being just a game…. People leaving cause of life means this game doesn’t relax them but stresses them out even more … basically what my post is about.


That’s true in some cases. Especially for people still in middle school and higher. I get stressed when I am unable to beat the bosses I need, or basically when I’m unable to reach my JWA goals for the day

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