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What’s so special about the special offer incubator in the market?

What’s so special about the special offer incubator in the market ? The figures are the same. For example for the 600 game money one, the rare DNA guaranteed is 480, the DNA is 2902, and the Coins is 3105; which is the same as the normal one.

You get not just any useless DNA from it, but specific useless DNA.

But yeah, everytime I see the notification I hope for a coin sale or something. And then just…“meh, it’s the incubators again”.


exactly. lol

What’s so special? It makes Ludia more money. Make it rain and spend that moneh!

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There’s nothing special about it besides the amount of hard cash and coins you get with it I think. I caved and bought it since I’m sick and it’s freezinf outside and can’t hunt today, and was very disappointed. Only plus side was it gave me sino and Darwin DNA, but not enough to make it worth the splurge. :disappointed: aka it’s total crap.

$100 is a massive investment. Sure guaranteed to get sino Darwin or erkli. But the people that do buy it (or a few of them) are going to have some high LVL uniques created from this.

I’m tempted!

Wait we’re talking about the top incubator right ?

900 epic DNA. Meh, that’s only 3 - 10’s

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Haha no I’m sure if you buy it, it’s coded for 20s.