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What’s the average timegap b/w boost shuffles and redistributions?

I didn’t realize how badly I had distributed my boosts on to some not so great creatures until now. Usually my average is high aviary (~4900), but I’ve been around 47-4800 and as low as 4650 and am just wondering when I’ll be able to fix this hole I’ve dug for myself without killing my boost count

there isn’t an average time gap. they’ve only done the shuffle twice so far. and a complete boost reset has only happened a handful of times as well (3 times i think due massive changes to boosts or the game itself)

best you could hope for is 6 months so around october.


Hopefully it will change to become more often. It really doesn’t make sense that we get updates monthly to established creatures as well as the addition of new creatures which mostly can’t be experimented with unless you choose not to play boosted and competitively. Very counterproductive.