What’s the best dinosaur

Hello I have been playing for a long time but still unsure what the best dinosaurs to level up I have about just over 11k of darts and some scents and I am level 11

its fine, the giga scent makes it so you can dart 2,340 darts potentoly. darting is much more a part of the game now so its ok. honestly a lot of players a hundereds thousand darts and they are acessible by everyone

What does your team look like

The Tyrannosaurus rex has a speed boost


I would first keep up on that sarco. I would also go for indom. Once you level stegocera, go for monostego. Also, try to work for monolometrodon, as it’s very good

ok cool thank you

The nonhybrids you have are good, but I’d stop leveling them for now. They will come in handy for certain tournaments. And with this week, another creature to go for is thylacotator, so (if possible with the pandemic) you can get some marsupial lion, get it

how… and why is your Concavenator lvl.20? that’s so much DNA you could have saved for diplovenator.

yes I messed up with that one

I been get loads of dna I think I will use a scent so I can try and get more

is it good at that level tho? and i apologise if i sounded rude.

Yes I like the return attack because it takes down Shields then can do more other over attack

ok sweet, the only counter i have on my team right now is a lvl.16 nodopatotitan.

The problem is the coin. While it seems that coins aren’t an issue, they become one real fast. I would save up for leveling creatures like indom, allosino, or monolometrodon, because it racks up fast

Best Creature, hands down.

Yes I am always low on coins I even had to use the green cash to get more coins now I got like 300 lol

Keep trying to make-- Thordalo, Magnapyritor,Monolometrodon, Argentimaxima and Spinonyx…these dinos have a great potential and future use…
And don’t waste ur precious boosts on epic and rares…

Thor is mediocre. It’s good at first, but it is really meh

No it’s not right .he has a very good attack and a good health and above all he is badass in attacks,u have to boost it few times.compare it with other dinos in the field guide,it’s available on Google app store for Androids…do it.