What’s the best way to earn gold early?

Is paying the $10 per month the only way to earn enough gold to keep upgrading characters early on? I have tons of items to upgrade but never enough gold…

I’ve read sell common equipment when you can to get thr gold to level stuff

gems for gold, get all the 4 hour chests, hit the free challenges as much as you can, take gold over common items in the challenges


Im a f2p player (so far only spend 5$). 4 heros are 9-8 lvl and rest is 5-6lvl, since game was releast on android.

The way I was doing it:

  1. Farm normal dungeon and take every gold or epic item for dice 20.
  2. Do not spend gold on upgrading gear u dont use.
  3. Finishing first dungeon gives 52 expa. 60 gems is 1k gold. Each enter is 50 gold. U can have over 1k expa for all 4 heros and possibly gold to continue farming lvl. I already had 1.2k free gems from game adds.
  4. It takes time but it is what it is as f2p. If u would use this 1k gold to improve gear - it will only give exp to 1 hero instead of 4 and exp would not be much bigger.

Doing so, I can make 5k expa per hero per day if I will make long sesion + all the epic gear from 20 dice. I only rush gear when Im close to lvl up and grown impatiens. :]