What’s the Cap on the friends list?


Does anyone know what the cap is for friends in your list. I have 50 so far just wondering if I can have more?


Not sure but I have like 80 something


Not sure at the moment it matters too much since the friends battles don’t seem to be working


They are you just have to request twice for it to go through had 12-15 battles at work today.


I just want to delete everyone they keep trying to battle me when I’m busy doing stuff :joy:


Lol I have already done that if I get spammed more than 10 times in a row and I’m busy there off the list.


So I have to double hit the challenge button?


Basically send request then wait till it disappears then pick they same person not 100% but it works or once you make a request and it stops the other person has to request you right back to get in.

Best I can figure out but it’s been working.

Most the time I get a request click it and it disappears then I just click on the person who sent it and bam we are in.

Hope this helps till it gets fixed.


I’ll try it after I freekin type 20 characters


I just tried friend battle 10 minutes ago. Got 4 fights in. No problems.